The problem is, the instructions given were only for Digital tuner cards not analogue. T The above is, obviously, not the right starting point for an analogue card. Do you already have an account? Find all posts by pschweig. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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KWorld DVB_T PE Dual dig/anal tuner

Thanks for your help anyway. Ive had a chance to take a look at the crash Michael was having. We’d really appreciate it! I’m starting to remember why I stuck with media center last time I tried sage!

This is the same order the the Freeview tuner on your digital TV will use. Find all posts by Slingshot It can see all my tuners and even one that i removed hdhomerun and the satellite ones stargate. May 14, Ba When I run this for all UK frequencies it scans all the frequencies I need successfully but then falls over when scanning one of the later frequencies and doesn’t give me the sage.


The problem is, the instructions given were only for Digital tuner cards not analogue.

Graphedit help needed for a dual hybrid digital/analogue card

Some people have used the Intervideo encoders, but that would require you to change the config file to match the encoders. Franklin, WI Milwaukee Ratings: Find all posts by mevans.

Do you already have an account? You no longer have to scan at different times of the day bdda get a complete channel listing.

Care to support our work with a few bucks? All times are GMT Discussion in ‘ Installation, configuration support ‘ started by Cyberpro60March 20, It seems that with xmltv I will either have to pay extra for the importer or manually download guide updates! These are put into LCN order. BraX May 7, You could watch television channels of other countries. I was wondering if someone could help me a little: April 28, Messages: How to watch TV on your computer?

Find all posts by pschweig.

In case its important, this exe records the actual frequency that the channel was discovered on and not the publicised frequency i. Paul SMarch 20, You can also re-order the channels within the channel manager.


Hi Slingshot any chance you could look at the log file file im getting and see whats wrong. I havent touched the original ScanChannelsBDA code for those regions so I would expect the main reporting to work like it used to – as for the extra detailed reports for SageTV I have no idea – sorry. Would it even work for DVB-C? The instructions explained how to use Graphedit to create the graph for a card and how to use this information to develop the XML entry.

Cyberpro60March 20, About a year ago I got a new tuner card and ScanChannels 2.