Seems to be no way for me to have the single SATA as a primary master Best I can do is have it as a secondary at least it’s not a papper weight If everything run nice, you can start try to overclock. I’ve let this loop continue three times, each time installing the SATA drivers when prompted.. At last, I’ve found someone with exactly the same problem I’m wrestling with. Now everthing looks fine, and I can use the drive.

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Fixed CPU temperature too high issue.

As nf7-a SCSI devices. I have tried with boot sequence: We have been trying for the last couple of weeks and only once we managed to complete the installation, staa that the system was dead slow in HD access time and windows kept getting more and more corrupted by the boot, so we formated again and after that we r back on step one with a variety of blue screens, either while loading the base drivers for winxp or on the next step during the installation process.

Now everything is fine until I actually try to use the drive – then I get the same freezing problems I had before. Please download the nvsuoem.


I’ve read through both of those threads, and posted in one of them. Add Duron FSB support. This is the link http: You’re probably saying “WTF Digi!? Then I partition and format the drive.

Abit NF7-S V problems with Silicon sata | guru3D Forums

Try taking out your old harddrive then install SATA harddrive and windows then make your old harddrive slave and put it back in your computer.

Now everthing looks fine, and I can use the drive. Updated CPU micro code. I basically just wanted to use the thing for storage while still running off my existing Win XP installation.

No driver updates or bios updates were necessary.

Abit NF7-S V2.0 problems with Silicon sata

KyanerOct 8, By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. If i do a hard cold reboot then the device will be detected again. You may want to know: Yes, my password is: Basically the problem is that whenever i try and format the drive using windows disk manager my computer freezes. Did u come across the same prob Aro? Two questions abou this: This is my RAID driver: Powered with ill-gotten helium.


The Mother Board

Format a floppy disk on another PC system in Windows. The default setting is “30 us” ; which is recommended by NVidia.

Here’s what I have posted on the Atomic Forums: The abit logo is a registered trademark of abit. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Right now I’m not even sure what model of Si controller is on my board, let alone which driver to use.

The default value of “Memory Timings” revises to “Optimal”. BIN” files onto the floppy disk.

When I get to the “press f6” I load the drivers disk that was supplied with the board. I’d appreciate any help from you guys also i honestly don’t believe the problem is heat, and my PSU should be able to handle this thing.