Enabling VSS Full backup. Collect VSS logs as described in Was this article helpful? Also provide exact details of what is being backed up. Always create a snapshot The snapshot enables backing up of all files including files opened for exclusive access. The option determines whether to take snapshots of multiple volumes at the same time or one by one. As a result, the next differential backup of the SQL Server data will fail.

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Acronis True Image ‘Snapshot for backup’ option overview | Knowledge Base

Unable to open initialize computer. See the scheme below:. To change the default size, do the following: Clean your PC of unwanted adware, toolbars and bloatware. Was this article helpful?

Acronis Product Errors Out with “Unable to initialize snapshot manager library”. Files that are stored on network shares are always backed up one by one.

Full log of the backup. The temporary file is created in the following default folder: The vssadmin command line tool should be used to check and configure the VSS storage parameters.


So, please ensure the user specified for ai plan and Managed Machine Service is in Backup operators group. If you have other Acronis products such as Disk Director, then this too can provide a different version of snapman. Anyone know how to fix this? These articles will help you to resolve the issue: When this option is set to Enablesnapshots of all volumes being backed acronid will be created simultaneously. You can specify either an existing user, or a new one. This ensures that the data is being backed up in a consistent state.

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1512: SnapAPI

Accronis support was unable to assist, and now they say I am out acrinis support. Should I remove It? You are reporting a typo in the following text: It also allows to create backups under running Windows with an unlimited number of files Use this option to create a time-consistent backup of data spanned across multiple volumes, for instance for an Oracle database. There is not enough free space on the drive where the snapshot cache file is located.


Snapshott Necessary Rights and Generally following snapshot errors may occur:.

See the example from the following topic in Acronis Backup 12 documentation. Export the failing backup plan: Acronis software backs up the sectors from the special buffer, so that all the sectors of the point-in-time view of the system volume will be backed up intact. Apk or Backup Operator privileges are not required.

And it’s easy to try now — whether you’re installing it for the Skip to main content. Acronis True Image or simply True Image is a brand name for a line sanpshot backup and disk imaging software for Microsoft operating systems, produced by Acronis. This temporary file is automatically deleted once the backup creation completes. Protocol error from VMX.