Some current products like VMware Workstation are still supporting ancient architectures. Use this option instead. The link points to this page. Next will be to ask you for a username. Once Setup asks for the remaining floppy disks choose the disk image file the same way as the first disk before.

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Navigate to and execute the installation file for Netscape. Select Options followed by Change System Settings in the drop-down menu. Once you ‘ve got the packetdriver set up for Eindows 3. SMB signing was introduced to prevent malicious users from tampering or intercepting network traffic. You may have to change a setting in the virtual machine config file first, to get the SB You should now be able to successfully start WfW. The game idea is quite simple: Once installed, Windows will request to restart itself for the new video driver to take affect.

You can easily wiindows the problem of gathering hardware bei using virtualization. I was working away trying to get my Win 3. The Run dialog box appears. Press Enter to continue. Sindows default, the Full Redirector is set as the option allowing you to connect to network domains.


It has a readme file with instructions making setting it up not too hard. Press Enter to restart your VM. If you need a quick-and-dirty solution for compatibility reasons, simply turn of SMB signing at the domain controller – see below for how to do this.

Install & Configure MS-DOS & Windows using Oracle VirtualBox – Socket 3

Double click on it. There is a good step-by-step article at WindowsNetworking. Beginning with VMware Workstation 6. Double click on Setup.

VirtualBox and Windows for Workgroups – Basil’s Tech Diary

The VM will restart in the same manner as hitting the reset button on your computer. The VM has now been created.

Now the option is regarding a hard disk for the VM. Next Post Next post: Fans of the Simpsons recognize that it is the same voice that also dubs Bart since the year one. You will then be shown an overview of the setup.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Probably I could do all my office work also with the old Excel version. You will then be asked to reboot your computer.


Click OK to exit the Internet Options dialogue box.

Internet On Windows 3.11 In VPC2007?

Find the image file of the first DOS install disk and select Open. Agree to the Terms.

Last edited by ghr on Sun Feb 10, There was also a good booklet widows Visual Basic 6. EXE will also do. Remount that disk image in VMware by right clicking on the floppy icon in the lower right hand corner, clicking Edit, and clicking Use Floppy Image.