The colour accuracy doesn’t bother me. You can’t, and I have tried with the Air 11″ and the iPad Pro It’s just some visual feedback, framing-poistioing, nothing more, and not very demanding. You might review the known issues here to see if you can live with them. I’m running OS X Mavericks. But thought i’d share just incase. If there’s one issue that I have with it, it’s that sometimes that screen seems just a little too small.

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This is, what happens: Sat Jul 01, When both ports ac connected e16599fwu nothing changes. Colors seemed a bit more saturated on the AOC monitor than on the MacBook Air display, but that is a personal observation instead of a highly sophisticated fact. I’m not sure it’s the best solution for photography work though. So I ended up buy a AOE Will I need some kind of USB 2 – 3 adapter or that’s not an issue?

I am having major screen glitches.

I have a Macbook air with 2 usb 2 ports. The best full-frame mirrorless camera for video.

DisplayLink macOS Software

X-RHEA did that purchase solve your issue. This isn’t a ee1659fwu for me, but I could see it being a big problem for photography work.


The Great White North Registered: You would probably want to keep the host computer plugged in, as I’m sure that the load of the monitor would reduce battery life significantly. I am having the same issues with a bad connector. So this idea to use a USB monitor helps as it matches the resolution of the Air perfectly.

The big issue for most people is that color calibration isn’t supported with DisplayLink docks at least – don’t know about this monitor in Mac OS. Thu Jun 29, 7: On all my Mac’s I am running If you happen to have an older Mac with low-power USB ports, you might need to plug both connectors into ports to get sufficient power for the monitor.

AOC e1649Fwu Portable USB Monitor: A good match for your MacBook

Overall I love the DisplayLink concept, but it does have it’s drawbacks. Aug 4, 8: All the other settings have been dialed in by other software.

Not ready for The new external monitor has a 3. If you can elaborate more on the quirks it would be helpful. The retina and Air’s non retina screens do not match up resolutions well, with out some compromises. Posted on Feb 19, 2: Do I need to purchase a USB 3 power hub?


new AOC external monitor efwu will no… – Apple Community

The USB side has two connectors. My Macbook Air now recognizes the AOC monitor, but both the external and my laptop monitors now continuously flash off and on. Nov 11, 8: The eFwu doesn’t e11659fwu to even get warm when it’s on, and is completely silent. Nov 12, 8: Anyway, trying to solve the solution another way, I installed a remote desktop service from “splashtop.

Mac users will need to download and install the monitor driver from the AOC website prior to plugging in the monitor, but you aocc do that before your monitor shows up on your doorstep.