Please follow the steps below to set up your system. What should I do? This motherboard does not support three or four above memory modules. Type “Activation” on Windows search and press enter. We recommend using the driver provided by ASRock.

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Problem related to PCI-E devices.

Under the current PC memory addressing, there is a memory area just below 4. Please refer to the following example.

Please make sure that you have installed the latest BIOS and two MHz or higher frequency memory modules in dual channel. The single GPU systems typically draw about W, the system will need adequate power for whole system.

Please remove all LAN cable from your system. It has been tested to souund, and load and r uku n an operating system. How should I fix this problem?

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Since Microsoft is only developing drivers for Windows XP andyou will have to use a 3rd party vendor’s drivers. Install latest drivers from ASRock website.


We take Power DVD 10 here for example: The install package is only compatible with Intel series or compatible chipsets.

Please update your Etron USB3. Please refer to the following table for the fan type specification and information. Please try the Realtek latest audio driver. If you would like to use whole GB as only zsrock partition while installing the Windows OS, please make sure that your OS is Windows service pack 4 included or Windows XP service pack 1 included.

We recommend calculating it in 2 parts: Guaranteed by Fri, Jan 4. For further information, please refer to Intel website: But when I use USB 2. How do I get this function to work?

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If you select 6 speakers in C-Media Audio Configuration for 5. Press “A” then “Enter” to rebuild array. Futuremark provides 2 solutions for this issue as follows. I want to install onboard audio driver on my P4i45GV. How do I get my onboard LAN asrpck work properly?


Memory can be adjusted up to the maximum limit set by the graphics driver. Connect to Internet and start updating drivers for the graphic card. After updating Windows XP to service pack 2, some benchmark or programs may not work properly. I want to install Linux CentOS 5. Tested working well see the pictures. Windows XP, please download and installed the latest Service Pack 1, this can support big drive directly.

Use Orbweb to remotely control the system to sleep or wake. Please press reset or clear CMOS. Select “Output” to change your audio configuration.