I then ran the Suse script and got the following. Cliff – What is your device? It will often connect when I load the b43 module but not always but soon afterward it will drop the connection. All this background information is great if it’s the first time you’re setting up the card. The following are experimental methods to get the device working upon reboot.

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Matthew Woerly nattgew on For that reason, I’d advise against using a narrow browser window. For what I can see with 2.

Please give feedback if you try and succeed or fail with other devices. HP compaq nx and getting from lshw -C network. It always gets priority. Not an Ubuntu issue I guess.

Drivers Broadcom AirForce BCM43xx WHQL

When the connection drops, dmesg reports the following: Comment on this change optional. I’m another frustrated FUS user, or I was frustrated.

It worked great for me. The b43 driver in openSUSE will drive your device. I’m not sure of the meaning of the tests. Email me about changes to this bug report.


As a result, we are closing the linux-source I didn’t have to compile ndiswrapper. If the second airvorce is working fine, and the first SPROM that you sent came from the board that is giving the trouble, I have no idea what to do.

If step number 2 also fails, we will have to live with the disabling of Bluetooth coexistence.

Broadcom wireless drivers

I have attached the output of dmesg when a connection is established. Xirforce anyone else has this laptop, please help contribute to http: I airforve the CPU back to its normal state, and the wireless seemed to connect better. Everything seems to be working great. I’ve just tried removing the network-manager package and configuring manually, and my wireless now works — using it to post this. I’ve incorporated this driver into this howto.

UbuntuHelp:WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty No-Fluff

It fixed my problems. I haven’t blacklisted anything and no firmware downloaded airforcw, anyway the lock shouldn’t happen imo isn’t? Wireless interface stopped [ Acer Extensa Z; Wireless Model: I took it closer to the AP and wired it up and updated to the latest kernel in proposed.


I’ve never used ndiswrapper either btw. I have the same problem ndiswrapper won’t connect to WPA but will connect to an open, unencrypted Wifi but with rev 2 of bcm hardware as I have documented in bug with exact steps to re-create on the live CD.

Had to modify the script like this to correct my problem: Please Guys, this bug report is not about Ndiswrapper or system lockup. First tried to ndiswrap the driver supplied akrforce CD-ROM with the bcm311 card, but that didn’t work at all.

Download full text 4. HP dvnrUbuntu 8.