Aug 28, 4. They both knack your mids to different degrees. I am also looking at the Sansamp VTBass like others have said. Register a new account. More options and places to go, but no changes to the part of the pedal that just worked out beautifully in the first place. Plus, there are some examples on how the emulation part of the pedal sounds at various blends. Any suggestions instead of either of these two?

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RockStarNickOct 15, Originally Posted by Bbddi. But I do like the new dedicated MID knob — a lot! They both knack your mids to different degrees.

Posted December 17, Vz was selling scratch and dent Gator 8 space rack cases, with wheels and collapsible handle like a suitcase for bucks. First of all there a MID knob has been added. I have a couple of passive J’s that sound like absolute butter through it though.

Para Driver vs Bass Driver – Effects – Basschat

Not really, it’s usually one or the other. I really like the changes they decided to make. Sure if you beef it all the way up, you do get something that would be overdrive-like, but this pedal is never going to give you an aggressive Darkglass tone, but that was never the intention with this pedal. More options and places to go, but no changes to the part of the pedal that just worked out beautifully in the first place. They also have a great bddl pedal that sounds fantastic.


Bass submitted 5 years ago by Gladmuffin 41 comments share save hide report. Resist the urge to start “gig pic” “bass face” and “family photo” threads. I honestly can’t stand the sound of them through the SansAmp It sounds better than the sansamp to my ears, and gives you paara of control over your mids, which is good.

I use it to crush out metal tones. Posted December 18, Sign in Already have an account? Aug 29, 6.

Tech 21 Bass DI’s?

It’s a little unconventional, but it could work I suppose. I just stack my 2 spacer on top of my other rack containing my amp, and I’m good to go. The DI, the possibility to power it via Phantom Apra and the line level control adds further to the possible ways to utilize this pedal, and clearly it has been designed for a wide range of applications.

Oct 7, Sep 28, 8.

Warwick Thumb 5 BO: If not, it’ll probably end up there anyway! I like to layer overdrive with fuzz just so there’s not such a strong contrast between the dry tone and the fuzzed.


I have no reason, though, to suspect that this one would be any less well constructed. Apart from that, the rest is more or less pafa same as it has always been. I also love the way it sounds in front of my amp and, honestly, I never turn it off. Sep 28, 7.

sansamp bass driver di vs the para driver. | Harmony Central

I bounce from bass, to synth, to slide bass and now even some guitar all through the same rig. Just a thought, but is there room to rack it in the BACK of your current set up? Oct 13, Like I mentioned above, I just find what sounds like the flat setting, which varies from bass to bass, and paar my onboard EQ to adjust my mids.