The theremin, ‘s coolest electronic instrument. When you are running a laptop on battery power the laptop manages power consumption through power management settings to maximize battery life. It was fun to play the included songs a few times, but I tend to like to get under the hood and strive for originality. Some of the beams are playing by themselves. So if your bassoon is gathering dust in a closet somewhere, and you were only ever able to make it screech like a creaky door in a horror movie anyway, you should check out the Beamz and discover a fun new approach to music making. Once you work your way through the included 30 songs, you’ll likely find some things that you like and others that don’t quite do it for you.

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Through custom installations and live demonstration events, the Beamz has been placed in many long-term care facilities and hospitals throughout Arizona.

Oh yeah, I did. The software must be closed again d6 restarted. It stands over 17 inches in height Its large size may seem like a “con” rather than a “pro”, but it actually makes playing the Beamz a more immersive experience. A theremin has antennas that sense where your hands are, and it adjusts its pitch and volume depending on the proximity of your limbs.

Brand New C6 Beamz Player Interactive Music System

What should I do? Connecting the Beamz to a USB hub may cause latency in music playback; moreover, performance may vary with different USB hub products from different manufacturers. Even without sound, there’s something inherently gratifying about breaking the beam of a laser with your hand. The Beamz does not. Make sure your Beamz unit is on a flat, stable, level surface and the controller arms are securely inserted into the Beamz base. I am using the Beamz with a beazm computer and the power for my Beamz unit is shutting down between veamz songs.


The interface of the software is intuitive and straight forward. My Beamz Player Model C4 is not working and when the unit is connected to the computer all of the laser beams are displayed as white.

So it goes without saying that the Beeamz has the definite potential to cause quite a stir in the DJ booth. The Beamz dwarfed the dual monitor setup in my cubicle A song called Minimaloop lets you trigger melodies and drums that loop on top of one another. If you want more prefabricated songs, you can download them from www.

When you first load up the song and wave your hand in the Conductor beam, nothing happens. The theremin, ‘s coolest electronic instrument It was fun to play the included songs a few times, but I tend to like to get under the hood and strive for originality. The first time someone blows into a horn, they’re lucky if they can make any sound at all.

Second, make sure the power button on the dashboard has not been set to off for the model C6, the power button is displayed in the lower left area of the screen; for the model C4, the power button beazm displayed in the lower right area of the dashboard. The ability to create live remixes of popular songs is one of the most powerful skills a DJ can have.

The possibilities of what can be done with this instrument don’t end once you’ve exhausted the supplied material.

Beamz C 6 Interactive Laser Music System Instrument W Sound Variations | eBay

Yet, the first time you try to play the Beamzchances are you’ll launch into a blazing guitar solo which sure beats sounding like a dying cat. For best performance, connect the Beamz unit directly into a USB port on your computer. The whole time you’re watching this film, you’re still not sure what is going to happen at the end.


Simply unplugging and reinserting the USB cable to the laptop will restore power to the Beamz. What does this mean? One song called Loop De Loop v6 you build up your own composition piece by piece, transforming the Beamz into an instrument that can be used to create totally original sequences that you can perform on the fly. If the Beamz software is open, close the application, then re-open the Beamz application and the song should be available in your master list.

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And did I mention that the Beamz equips you with six real lasers? There are few musical instruments that you can start playing immediately, without making lots of dreadful sounding noises. However, when you press play, waving your hand in front of the Conductor beam launches a note of dramatic sounding strings. It makes you feel like bamz creating the soundtrack of a dramatic film with lots of twists and turns. Two of the songs that are included act as “live loopers”, which enable you to layer sounds on top of one another.

As the Minimaloop progresses, the loops you created change pitch to reflect the progression of the song.