The centaur north of Freewind Post have a very decent drop rate for wool. It’s impossible to get good help nowadays. Dire Maul in Feralas. Do you like these orcs? Maraudon and Zul’Farrak also have a fair amount of mageweave. The centaur north of Freewind Post have a high drop rate for silk higher than wool. Ye knows how to hit low, ye does!

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The dwarves outside of Uldaman carry a fair amount of silk. Mageweave bags have 12 slots, and can also be turned in to the major factions for reputation.

Blackrock Depths, Mountain, Spire. Bloodscslp girl they brought in, she’s a cute one, isn’t she? Dungeons Ragefire Chasm has very high drop rates.

Not everyone likes using powergaming katanas and two-handed swords Throne of Bhaal Baldur’s Gate: Yer a canker on me backside and the world would be best rid of ye! Do I need high charisma or something? The last time I saw you exert yourself over anything skave the last slab of pork in an inn.

The centaur north of Freewind Post have a very decent drop rate for wool. The Highbourne of Azshara are also worth slaughtering. Hates Pointies, Pinkies, Boats. It would appear that for most of his early life Arohk was raised by the Bloodscalp community based around the ruined city of Zul’kunda.


You cantankerous, foul-mouthed excuse for a gully dwarf! Silk Cloth Silk cloth is also very lucrative, and can be handed in with the major factions for much-needed reputation.

Whether your career hinges on stacks of cloth or you’re looking to finance your other exploits, you won’t want to miss this week’s guide.

Voodoo Slave – NPC | WoW Freakz

Don’t have an account? Now get on the grill! Why, ye stinkin’ wench, how dare ye!

Cloth is like the gathering profession for everyone. They carry the cloth, and they wander in an area full of herbs. More topics from this board Might as well get some money and phat loots along the way right?

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I’d be startled if a drunk dwarven oaf like yourself could hit the broad side of a barn with your axe. Shadows of Amn Short Sword of Backstabbing. Forgot your username or password? Keep up with my keen axe as it flies towards yer head, more like!


Voodoo Slave – NPC

Because boodscalp drops in 50s level areas, and even in the lower level areas of Outland, it is not as difficult for lazy 70s to farm. You might also try the Terrorfiends in the Pools of Aggonar. You might slae silk on some high 20s mobs, right up until late 30s or early 40s. Try farming the orcs around Stonewatch Keep and Tower. The pockets of Twilight mobs in Silithus drop a lot of runecloth as well.

If you are having trouble hitting monsters, it is more likely that the monster has cast protection from magic weapons, or mantle, or stoneskins, or you should be using a blunt weapon, etc. I am no Edwin, as you claim. The Cabal mobs in the Bone Wastes can be trusted to drop runecloth. Runecloth Welcome to the wonderful world of 14 slot bags!