Riverbed is Wireshark’s primary sponsor and provides our funding. However, special measuring network adapters might be available to capture on multiple channels at once. For earlier versions of Wireshark, or versions of Wireshark built with earlier versions of libpcap, the -I flag is not specified; on Linux, you will have to put the adapter into monitor mode yourself see below to see what link-layer header types are available in monitor mode, and, in Mac OS X Leopard and later, selecting Use the injection test to confirm your card can inject. Is there a document somewhere I can reference how to do that. It is seldom of importance above OSI layer 2. Unfortunately, if you use NdisWrapper, you have the same limitations as Windows for

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Traffic will only be sent to or received from that channel. That’s one of the reasons why the With versions earlier than 1.

Note that the behavior of airmon-ng will differ between drivers that support the new mac framework and drivers that don’t. You can use the undocumented “airport” command to disassociate from a network, if necessary, and set the channel.

CaptureSetup/WLAN – The Wireshark Wiki

What are you waiting for? I’ll also make another moed soon that waits till the send buffer is empty before resuming after an error occurred.


Maybe the person your talking about is doing something similar. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear. Data Packets Data packets are often supplied to the packet capture mechanism, by default, as “fake” Ethernet packets, broadcm from the XXX – is this the case?

That’s probably a good thing, but it thickens the plot a little Optionally, you can specify additional channels with a different dwell time for each channel. Then See this FAQ entry.

Broadcom NIC won’t capture in promiscuous mode | RedNectar’s Blog

Confirm you are running the new module. Check out the FAQ! Non-data packets You might have to capture in monitor mode to capture non-data packets. Newer Linux kernels mmode the mac framework for If this happens you will silently miss packets!

WLAN (IEEE 802.11) capture setup

It’s possible to capture in monitor mode on an AirPort Extreme while it’s associated, but this necessarily limits the captures to the channel in use. Compared to Ethernet, the If you are looking for a simpler channel hopping solution, you can use the following shell script; modify it to suit your needs.

Unfortunately, WinPcap doesn’t support monitor mode and, on Windows, you can see You may have to register before you can post: The person in question has promiscuouw access. Now it just waits a second before resuming at a lower rate.



For most adapters that support monitor mode, to capture in monitor mode, you should: I can’t figure out why i can’t capture Enter just “airport” for more details. The golden rule is if the radio is not tuned to the channel you will miss stuff!

Depending on the OS you are running, you will also need libpcap or Winpcap. Channel Hopping When capturing traffic in monitor mode, you can capture on a single, fixed channel, or capture while hopping through multiple channels channel hopping.

Riverbed is Wireshark’s primary sponsor and provides our funding. The only proof I had was the user logging in as administrator where he was not supposed to know the password at all. It will give you the fully qualified file name.

Discussion As this page is becoming very long, split into several subpages? The complete how to of making bcm43xx injection work Forum thread: