Larry, my experiences on the Pal side, in Windows 7 when nothing else helps, is to manually switch deck profile to Generic Basic when still in capture mode and usually the unit shows up and asks for the name of the tape. Thats interesting, I honestly didn’t know the hv10 could transfer the 24f from the xha1. Using a little bit of electrical tape will help secure the microphone to the handle. Why are both my Canon cameras not able to connect to my Macbook Pro Late using a firewire 4-pin to firewire 9-pin ? Best regards, Michael Wilk. Latest post Tue, Sep 6 6: We fully diagnose and let you know exactly what repairs are needed — at absolutely no charge!

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Estimated on or before Mon. Most repairs completed within a week!

Transferring video recordings to and from a computer XH A1S and XH G1S

Once repaired we make sure to check or perform all of the necessary alignments to ensure optimal operation of your XHA1 camcorder. After you have given sufficient time for things to dry out, reconnect power to the camcorder and check over all functionality. I noticed that the firewire is connected while MC is running. Sell now – Have one to sell? A different battery or AC power source. When replacing this part, the handle will need to be removed off of the camera and disassembled.


The most common reason to have DV firewire problems is due to the firewire port. That will be the beginning. Take care moving the Fiewire on the editing desk with that flimsy connection.

Canon Xh A1 firewire connection

The Canon XHA1 is not watertight and there are many ways that frewire can get into it. Report item – opens in a new window or tab. We are the best Canon service center for your Canon XHA1 camcorder offering an industry leading warranty and the fastest repair turnaround times available. Don’t know about component capture out and intensity pro. We use the HV remote to shuttle the tape, it avoids wear through punching the buttons on the LCD and we can place the HV further away on the editing desk.

Have the same configuration in combination with a Canon XHA1. Unfortunately with this type of issue your Canon XHA1 would need to be sent in for repair. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: In fact, I use the exact same workflow with a Sony Z1 camera with no problems whatsoever. Anyway, I believe one would have to disconnect the camera from host computer to get access to the two camera settings below making sure they’re set correctly.

How would compression work in that scenario? It might be best to buy an HV 10, 2030 or 40 to use as a deck, you will have an extra smaller camera for another angle and solve your problem as well.

We identify the problem and once the estimate is approved we replace or repair the circuit that was damaged. Water or Liquid Damage. Contact Us – Archive – Top.


This fifewire usually a straightforward repair. Posted on May 18, This problem can be either straightforward and constant or very intermittent when plugging in your headphones.

Canon Xh A1 firewire connection : Adobe Premiere Pro

Also, is it possible to capture component out via an intensity pro from an HDV tape? I hope this helps anyone out there in the same boat, beacuse I haven’t read any forum posts that says to daisy chain external hard drives to your computer and camera to make it work, but this is the only solution I was able find myself.

A common misconception is that the video heads are bad and need to be replaced. Lenses can be very sensitive to impact and can easily be sent out of whack with a simple drop. Canon XH A1 firewire board replacement Thanks Roger, everyone is quoting the cleaning too that ive checked so maybe I’ll just need to bite the bullet here and get it done. If the problem reoccurs we recommend trying a new fresh tape.