Don’t have an account? In the Smart Dialing panel, browse the list by tapping the arrows desired contact or phone number. I have only two complaints about the keyboard. Chapter 8 Experiencing Multimedia 8. Very good voice quality and the phone supports voice dialing over Bluetooth using the included software.

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If you are still having problems cingulae reviewing these solutions, please contact your service provider. This, however, can be remedied with a piece of freeware whipped up by some dedicated coders from the enthusiast website XDA-Developers.

Notification Bi-color LED on the left side: The keyboard and screen are mounted on separate parts of the device, allowing you to simply slide the display to one side and reveal the keyboard.

HTC Cingular Smartphone

Using Modem Link 6. In the Smart Dialing panel, browse cingulqr list by tapping the arrows desired contact or phone number. To create a new dial-up connection After a new modem has been set up on your PC, you must create a new dial-up connection to connect your PC to the Internet using your device.

Should you need to turn on caps lock, press the shift key twice in quick succession. Also See for Troubleshooting – 4 pages. Your appointments for the day can be displayed on the Today screen. Before you can create and configure a new modem using a connection, you must install the required driver on the PC. The camera application runs in landscape mode and uses the full screen for preview.


When you hear the beep, begin your recording. Phone settings You can customize phone settings, such morem the ring type and ring tone to be used for incoming calls, and the keypad tone to be used when entering phone numbers. All Windows Mobile 5. Night Sight is rolling out for Google Pixel devices and its just brilliant Google’s night mode for its Pixel devices is going to amaze you.

Cingular 8125

Tap Add a new modem connection. Most notably, the case is blocky where the MDA’s is more rounded. If you are recording in an open note, an icon will appear in the note.

If you choose to play a sound, tap the list next to the Play sound check box and tap the sound cingullar want. To ensure continued reliable and safe operation of your device, use only the accessories listed below with your WIZA Adjusts the playback progress of a selected file.

Cingular 8125 Pocket PC Phone Review

Networks You can view available wireless networks, determine the order in which your device accesses another network if the current one is unavailable, Select the picture you want to assign to a contact. We love the bright, colorful display, roomy keyboard and good voice quality.


The Cingular has Bluetooth 1. The Today Screen 1. Personally, I find it to be one of the better compromises available between maintaining a relatively small device, and providing the largest possible keyboard. Change the character recognition mode.

Page 15 Accessories The following accessories are provided with the device: I noticed when I started messing with the that it was only reporting two bars of coverage. Using The Keyboard 2.

Cingular – Review – PCMag India

Using Voice Speed Dial 9. Photos tend towards being blurry in good light, and almost totally black in low light. Not surprisingly, there are already third-party replacements featuring a higher capacity in the standard battery form-factor, for those desiring extra cinghlar.