So that leaves me thinking that Sony has something big up their sleeve Only a few drawbacks. Granted, putting your hand into the correct position to fully use the jog dial and navigational region takes a little extra time and more-or-less precludes the use of a standard case , but I think it’s worth it. Where you would no doubt catch it. One Palm to rule them all! For number crunching is has a MHz Motorola i.

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NetFront can display these pages so that all of the first column is displayed, then all of the second, then all of the third, and so on. The whole story was given tg55 “high” probability rating by the magazine. Keep the tunes flowing by storing your MP3s on a Memory Stick.

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie TH55

hh55 Unless there was some way to improve battery life, you wouldn’t get much time on the internet. This limits their usefulness in some situations, such as wide web pages and even wider spreadsheets.

So having read this, it sounds like Sony is indeed positioning the PSP as a hardcore gaming platform and relegating the Clie to multimedia-type stuff. With that said, the TH55 has exceeded my expectations. Is it so terrible to just use the latest OS vesion wich already has it implemented?


True – but who wants to carry around an extra, dorky looking device? I got a cheap Zire 71 to tide me over. With the buttons positioned as they are, pictures can easily be taken in either portrait or landscape orientation. A cradle is not included with this handheld. So, Sony has delivered on this finally – but not without punishing us with the worst button layout ever. Rh55 wifi connects fast, and comes in handy when I need info away from home.

For number crunching is has a MHz Motorola i. Pressing the back button selects a tab, scrolling with the jog dial moves between tabs. The Cclie is smaller and thinner than I had expected. I can access my router from anywhere in the house, but it peters out about half way across my yard.

Design The TH55 seems designed to be a upper middle-end handheld with a well rounded feature set best put to use for productivity. Because the CO is a fairly massive piece of software, it will be discussed in detail in an upcoming review. Perhaps the rumored T E2 will fit the bill?


Sony Clie TH55 Review

Taking it off and putting it back. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. That majorly kills it for me, even for business apps.

This is another compromise to save power. Couple of updated thoughts from my end since my earlier post: The first is outdoors in sunlight, the second was shot indoors in relatively low light. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

TrialNetfront, Vindigo Trial. These apps do not ‘support’ landscape – they actually DO landscape. For now here’s the basics. Why dosen’t sony just use sd like everyone yh55 However, in fairness, I think this is probably the best button layout they’ve had since the first one they released–it does fit one’s hand more naturally than the awful T6xx layouts.

Its cheesy cie does not fold all the way back. A few applications on the TH55 can do landscape, but most only have portrait.