I’ve seen many liner notes with typos. Don’t call me anymore. DevilDriver — Clouds Over California. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! But he doesn’t actually go into the meaning. The double bass drum rhythm is so much more wholesome and evolved.

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Devildriver – Clouds Over California

Think about it with that in mind, I shouldnt need to explain it. So Clouds Over California may be about something, but more than likely, it’s not and even clouuds is, it probably made more sense when Dez was writing it, because of what was going on in his life at the time. If that’s the way it’s gonna be -Then I’ll fuckin’ go it alone- I’m a saint in sinners eyes It’s a pretty important line that may have been mistakenly left out of the liner notes but is clearly in the song.

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The music, the lyrics? Those are arguably the best-written songs, as opposed to the ones written with a formula, or trying to make a statement. devildgiver

Clouds Over California, a song by DevilDriver on Spotify

Why not add your own? Even somebody like Snoop Dogg, whose house was burned down, I think. Always good to hear different opinions. General Comment I look at the lyrics and think about caalifornia huge fires that took their reign over California last year.


Tool cloouds famous for that. I clojds don’t agree but I can definitely see where you are coming from with your interpretation. Don’t call me anymore. Otherwise, you’d be hard pressed to find anything, in any interview, that could be definitive of a song’s meaning.

Login with Google Error: I’ve seen many liner notes with typos. Flag sinrise on May 30, Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

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The double bass drum rhythm is so much more wholesome and evolved. It shows that they actually have rhythm and skill.

If it was about legalizing marijuana being legalized in california, i really don’t think xalifornia devil driver is the kind of band to curse that. User does not exist.


calofornia Lyrics don’t HAVE to be about anything. I’m a saint in sinners eyes To be gay, is to sin according to religious views, but its probably the least of all sins according to their opinions Bloodshot and weary-eyed Partying at the gay clubs all night,Cocaine is popular in the gay community and crack We took you in full of sin and pride Self explanatory, for the ones who do accept the gay community, they still abandon the ones who accept them because the majority will never accept it, and so if that’s the way its gonna be think about it.


General Comment This song is about gays in California. Even the titles of their songs are deliberately misleading: Sending everybody into chaos.

Dez’s demonic vocals is a lot more sophisticated that most. Either way, from the context of the song, and keeping in mind Dez’ general attitude and writing style, it fits perfectly and fits the theme of the song.

Hastic interesting take on the lyrics. Ask Jonothan Davis what “rum-buh-bah-doh, rum-bum-beep-bop” means. DevilDriver — Clouds Over California. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. I have yet to dig through my old CDs and verify it is missing for sure.