Question about Ralink Technology Corp. A different name but the answers the same.. Can anyone help me out a bit? Top Ralink Technology Corp. It’s important to note, though, that Linux compatibility is far from being an optimal wireless hacking adapter. Follow this question By Email: Helo I’m running kali in usb persistent.

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I knew this hacking stuff would be hard to get to grips with. Only if it’s v1, not v2. AirCrack-NG can do the same thing Your will see a file “netr Its the main reason i cannot collect packets.

Version 1 has no limitations. Recently i have installed Windows 7. To identify your adapter, look at the side of your adapter. I see that it is being used effective and efficiently. Packet injection using Packet Generator may generate duplicate packets. This enables commveiiw to see and manipulate all wireless traffic passing through the air around us.

Check out the Alfa USB adapters. I really want to get this adapter up and running. I want to capture packets with Belkin in monitor mode!


Network Analysis Tools & Security Software by TamoSoft // CommView RA for WiFi Download

The notes below are applicable only to the version 2 of this adapter. We do not recommend using this adapter for any serious monitoring purposes. OldDodge at hmail dot com.

Welcome back, my budding hackers.

Hi there can someone give a hand please? Thanks for the advice OTW. If you have version 2, it is explicitly mentioned on one of the two side labels.

One of my internals works just as good as my alfa just not the range. You have sparked an interest in me which seems to have extremely quickly become a passion! These adapters do not work in connectivity mode on Windows 8. The tool will be deployed in the beginning as a Hosted Service available to everyone and transition to a downloadable bundle at a later stage once its stable enough to be released.

Featured offer Everything you need for site surveys and spectrum analysis in a super bundle! Computer and Internet Belkjn


The sets of the adapters being sold in other parts of the world might be different. Many are using the Alfa cards. Are you on arch linux?

Les Dickinson Level 3 Expert Answers. Riverbed Technology lets you seamlessly move between packets and flows for comprehensive monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting.

Is there any substitute for the commview that supports the 802.11a/b/g adapter?

Move it around a bit you may be getting RFI off something like a microwave, cell phone or something. You must have a compatible wireless adapter to use this product. I disconnected my Belkin USB and my built-in card is capturing packets in active mode!