Note, set this option with caution as this can have an adverse impact on performance. The following settings can be used to tune the performance of an ODBC application. Another problem with data source names, if you are deploying ODBC applications to end users, is that you must set up the data source on the end users machine as part of your program installation process. This property only applies to read-only queries with isolation level CS. Setting this property larger than KB has no effect. This option is only available to Windows and later operating systems that have Kerberos enabled and can only talk to V5R2 and above iSeries systems.

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Specifies a 3-character language id to use for selection of a sort sequence. The only time to turn this off, IMHO, is when accessing large binary objects that are already compressed or do not lend themselves to compression as you are not gaining the benefit of compression an are incurring needless overhead.

Here is an example:. I recently spent about three weeks gathering this information from disparate sources and writing the program to generate these strings, I hope you find it useful.

The problem with data source names is that each time you attempt to connect; the program has to look up information about the connection options in the Windows registry. wtring

Connection string keywords

I have done a lot of experiments using record blocking and here are some performance tidbits; when using blocking on a select statement against arecord table I am able to achieve over 5, records per second with blocked ODBC fetches, whereas I can only retrieve records per second when not using blocking techniques.


There is no functional difference between them. V5R2 iSeries Access alters both. The unistall information is also described in the V5R2 Memorandum to Users. If you supply a 1 to this keyword, iswries are telling the iSeries to also provide information on column aliases when returning SQLColumns result set information. Specifies a bit integer translation connecfion that is passed to the translation DLL.

File DSN for iSeries AS ODBC connection – Stack Overflow

The library list is used for resolving unqualified stored procedure calls and finding libraries in catalog API calls. The LIBRARY portion can be replaced with any library name and this seems to have absolutely no effect on the application or package file used.

Option 16 causes the iSeries enable job tracing. Smaller LOB thresholds may increase frequency of communication to the server, but they will only download LOB data as it is needed. I had a case where a statement had no markers but was taking a while to optimize because it was joining several legacy files together that had many logical files over each physical. The allowable values are; strlng for forward slash, 1 for dash, 2 for period, 3 for comma and 4 to accese a blank.

The information that is returned is: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Use value 1 to turn on support for true ODBC auto-commit. Use only as directed by vonnection technical support provider. An empty-string indicates to use the user-profile’s default setting for database.

However, ADO does not respect this keyword as connectiin issues connection attribute settings when connection is made to the iSeries rendering this keyword ineffective.


Please send your SQL and iSeries questions to hfarner sqlthing. Any qccess table names must exist in the default library, either first in the list or your user name, see rules 1 and 2or they will not be found.

Connection string keywords

Although they dor be used with V5R2 iSeries Access, future versions of iSeries Access may not support the old driver name. In most cases, use the default library list or default library option as searching all the libraries on the server will take a long time. In addition, it is important to know that the first library specified in this list is used as the default library. If ofr do not want to have a default library, begin this list with a comma.

You must do this before preparing any statement against the connection. I hope connnection you have found this article and the attached utility useful.

Contains the preference for concurrent access resolution. Trace Specifies one or more trace options.

The following paragraphs are a description of the valid values for the trace options. The following table outlines the settings, of which value 0 is the default. For example, if you have an employee file that contains employee ID, name, address, and other assorted information you should not have a BLOB field in that file that contains the employee picture.

Here’s a great detailed description of what conenction keyword is and how you can configure them.