Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard. Greenspan legacy bulletin, It is utter crap. Goldman Sachs related humor: You can use PayPal to make a contribution, supporting development of this site and speed up access. The site uses AdSense so you need to be aware of Google privacy policy. Unfortunately this keyboard seems to be discontinued, so neither Amazon nor Dell has it.

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Dell Multimedia Keyboard

History of pipes concept: A soft green glow sk-135 the LEDs including the ones that seamlessly are integrated into the dashboard of the keyboard are easy on the eyes and don’t shine like lasers. We are making such material available to advance understanding of computer science, IT technology, economic, scientific, and social issues.

It is utter crap. I forgot to mention the volume knob works Windows Macrorecoders and Keystroke Log Utilities.

For a keyboard with cheap membrane switches it has excellent touch feel. I think the original manufacturer is LiteOn. Understanding Micromanagers and Control Freaks: As a Vim users, a keyboard with no Insert Key, Escape Key, or Function keys ssk-8135 like trying to remove someones pancreas and not realizing that this internal organ is required to live.


If this keyboard was any better, more than just the multimedia keys would light up. This review is from: We do not warrant the correctness of the information provided or its fitness for any purpose. Fifty glorious years The Microsoft I’m typing on now is utter garbage by comparison, as is a Logitech I’ve also tried.

The Art of Computer Programming: Financial Humor Bulletin, Just wanted to confirm that it works nicely. Political Skeptic Bulletin, Top Visited Your browser does not support iframes.

This was I was able to call FAR manager from the calculator button. The keys are solid. Surviving a Bad Performance Review: The Elements of Programming Style: How to reassign different actions to the macro keys at the top?

Basics of Preventing RSI for programmers and sysadmins. Malware Protection Bulletin, Most of the hotkeys work like they would on a Windows system. History of GCC development: But the fact that Ubuntu recognizes the existence of these keys means that this keyboard is compatible. Think about the guy who won’t let us sing “Happy Birthday” at a restaurant.


Dell SK USB Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard

Dell has discontinued one of the best keyboards in history. High End Programmable Multi-button mice.

Overall, this is what any keyboard that is on the market should base itself on. Quotes are made for educational purposes s-k8135 in compliance with the fair use doctrine. Bigger often is a sign of obesity, of lost control, of overcomplexity, of cancerous cells.