I also had this running with cakewalk I have a windows 8 laptop will I be able to use this with that? What’s more I will advise all of the musicians that I know as well as those that I meet or discuss hardware with to steer clear of your products. Read the ‘Quick Start Guide’ before you install the hardware. At searching, I now know which drivers to install and once you are thro’ the system runs smoothly. No contest between this and the firepod. Great recognized and usable in Linux.

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I guess I spoke too soon about Win 10 working. The manual is not clear as to what drivers to install to have both work at the same time. Ddelta main reason why I bought this sound card is that it was a bargain on ebay.

Also of real usefulness to me is the Breakout box, allowing the connection to the outside world with real connectors, not the small toy connectors supplied asii most others.

Did M-Audio release crappy software? I decided at that time to upgrade to a firewire interface with more inputs and bought the presonus firepod in ‘ Yes- M-Audio have released drivers for Windows 8.

Wow thanks man u made my day I will love to hear from u pls email me. But it is not powerful trs trs. G4, G3 or G3 accelerator, System 8.


It worked for a short while, but the next day 0 audio on the whole system. OK, but it has its mouth in my living room above my old amp Scott 70 years and scratched it’s a joke, for against a vocal microphone, c ‘ is not the top Delts found the manual on the M-Audio website but it was much more difficult to find the deota.

If I could go back in time, I probably should have gotten the Delta instead, because the type of recording I do usually requires more tracks aiso a time than a mere four. When I bought it I had no guitar amp and suddenly I could only connect my guitar on the pc and use an amp simulator. I use it with Logic Audio.

User reviews: M-Audio Delta 44 – Audiofanzine

I was looking for a sound card with the bare minimum I needed: This is convenient for connections to have an external box computer, MMME if once in the studio was not moving. But the manual interface is written for positions running XP.

But if I make any adjustments on the Delta interface then all my programs aeio no play an audio. February four months to write this opinion – What is so special asuo you like most and least?

That unit is built terrible. Our members also liked: Have you tried any of the other PCI slots?


The Trick To Getting The M-Audio Delta 44 Working With Windows 7

This will be the last M-Audio product that I purchase. I have owned this unit for a very short time. Installation with the first card was always fine.

This fixed it perfectly for Win 7 444 bit now using Reaper and Cakewalk Sonar X3 and now all is good once again.

Une while it is alone, pretty simple config, comprehensive manual. I no longer need to crawl under the desk to plug something in.

Sonar doesnt recognize Delta when running ASIO | Cakewalk Forums

It is the defacto standard soundcard for the purpose. Are there any other suggestions that are worth mentioning to get this to work?

To do this, 1 Right-click on the speaker volume icon in your taskbar. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Great sounding card I used to use one of these back in ’03 through about ‘ I could not add more cards because of the limitation of the computer card PCI slots otherwise I wnated to have about 12 track realtime recording system were it not for the problem.