Are the fets dieing from to much current? Hi Mads, The atx power supply have a nice features that I think it is suitable for this driver than the transformer. July 13, at When I winding the primary coil in tube-shaped, the induction heating is ok. Hi Mads, Dylan, Many thanks for your advice and recommendations. Solo que no los tengo en pares.

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Heres the full setup: September 8, at July 2, at October 26, at Power consumption Watt. It runs 48V DC 20A when under full power. Saattvik December 25, at So when I reduce the flux density or volt per turns fflyback will make the transformer run cooler but also decrease the maximum current that I can draw. I dont think this is the place to discuss that further though, it is a mazilli driver page after all Your guess was pretty good, I run it at 60Khz for max power and I run it up to Khz for lower power operation, Thanks for the help and I look forward to a better and cheaper future for my driver!

Maybe environment is too damp — done in shed in London in winter! There are much better circuits to build if you want over current protection, f. Especially when you power up the circuit you will flynack to be sure that the gap is small enough so it is arcing before pulling the wire apart.


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Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

After a few seconds, the diode cools down, and it goes doy a short circuit stage. Is there anyway to stop them from blowing? The mazzili driver loves to blow up zenners and lock up causing the mosfets to blow, but only when driven overboard. I really appreciate your openness and willingness to collaborate here.

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

Thanks Mads, That is very true about Facebook, and I Thank you so much Andrea. It could be that it is a weak battery or needs charging. Did you also djy that he built a working unit from that schematic?

Hi LeoD I would not omit the zener diodes, there flybadk still be switching spikes which are voltage transients that are high enough voltage and have enough energy to damage the gate of the MOSFET. I never really got decent induction heating power from it and was curious about what i could do to improve. The ZVS driver typically puts out 3. I have posted a picture about my homemade winding, i will tell how to make one as pretty as mine: That kept the rise time decently low.



Dy have enabled them on a few of my videos already but though I would get your permission first before I enable them on the video I have embedded in my comment above.

One query — when working for more than a very short timeshould one allow the secondary to open circuit or should it always be striking an arc — ie consume some power? Keep that in mind to obtain a decent rise time on your mosfets, and switch them on quickly enough.

OK this is the picture. I can see that you are still using a microwave oven capacitor. I would prefer to make it regulated. A golden rule on those things, is oversize. October 21, at