All trademarks noted in this document are the properties of their respective owners. Operational restrictions such as “Editing prohibited”, “Printing prohibited” and “Copying prohibited” can be applied. This box is no longer displayed. This problem has been corrected. The versions that can be upgraded with this software are DocuWorks Ver. Sharing information with team members Sharing your workspace with colleagues – Features of DocuWorks Desk – Using “Neighborhood Desks”, you can share with up to a maximum of 20 people who are connected to it in the same subnet. Installing this software allows you to upgrade your currently installed DocuWorks to DocuWorks 6.

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The destination directory or file is write-protected. As convenient as handling paper – Features of DocuWorks Viewer – Operations similar to processing of paper documents, such as adding notepads, writing with markers, and stamping, can be applied to electronic documents.

Sometimes annotations and signatures could not be printed correctly if docuwoks were pasted in a position that exceeded a particular number of pixels Example: File names containing a line feed could be set for files on Samba in DocuWorks Desk. Remove the write protection. Using the DocuWorks binder, multiple DocuWorks documents, which are related, can be bound together while maintained as individual files.

You can sort, re-paginate, add and remove individual files from the binder easily.

Portable Document Format Download Resource. All trademarks noted in this document are the properties of their respective owners. Fuji Xerox is researching and developing technologies to create electronic documents without losing the benefits of using paper documents under the concept of “making paper in the digital world.


Information can be shared easily within a team without setting up a special server with this feature. When printing image that is set to be transparent on the particular applications to DocuWorks Printer, colors of the image used not to be displayed correctly. This problem has been improved. Corrected the issue where a file and its parent folder were deleted if opened and then closed in a new instance of DocuWorks Viewer with [Open New Copy].

The DocuWorks software family is structured by versions not only for Windows but also for various CPUs and operating systems, modules for embedding DocuWorks in multifunction devices or servers, and APIs for printrr optional software.

Electronic Document Technology (DocuWorks) Fuji Xerox

The newly added feature allows you to improve the problem of the blackening of the captured images. The original installation file cannot be read. Check that the compressed installation file is decompressed correctly and run setup again. Required information can be found very efficiently.

To minimise troublesome scrolling, the DocuWorks Viewer enables you select jump to printet areas of a large document quickly and easily.

In your office document management: Portable Document Format Download Resource. Shared documents saved in the Link folders are displayed as thumbnails and they can be easily located and checked.

Full-screen display optimised for presentations – Features of DocuWorks Viewer – DocuWorks documents can be displayed over the entire docuworls for presentation. Electronic documents created by various applications and all scanned documents can be managed in the same window.


Editing, such as annotating, adding and deleting pages, can be done effortlessly.

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DocuWorks files added with these attributes can be displayed on the workspace by refine-searching a large amount of files using the attribute view. Contact our sales team. Individual pages of a document file can be displayed adjacent to the document viewer using the split display. You can customise the toolbar in accordance to your routine work process.

DocuWorks 8

Improved display for a better viewing experience Creating document sets for sharing or storing – Features of DocuWorks Viewer – Using the DocuWorks binder, multiple DocuWorks documents, which are related, can be bound together while maintained as individual files.

DocuWorks desk offers direct access to Working Folder, and documents stored in Working Folder can be easily identified with thumbnail images. You can receive and send paper documents in a computer environment utilising the tray in a similar manner as placing paper documents in a document tray.

DocuWorks Desk displays DocuWorks files lined up as if they are documents placed on a physical desk. Complete routine tasks smoothly.