Our boat dropped us halfway along Au Pak Khaad, m offshore. Various different maps name these differently. Did you install the MAC Dashboard? The seascape continues like this on-around the sweep of the bay. Heading into the sandy shallows, I had a photo session with a Batfish:

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Sometimes it was going North, sometimes South.

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The path through the breakfast area leads you to some steps and prominent rocks, right by the sea. I came back again on a trip the next morning. This 1158 more-of-the-same, although not quite as good.

And then rounding the cape into the Northern bay, there was some decent coral: In Adang, the coral is in slightly better health and the fish are a little more relaxed.

The roots of the mangroves at the West vlip of Au Mai Ngam Area 1g on the maps is used as a nursery by baby blacktip sharks and it is often possible to see up to 30 baby sharks swimming around your ankles in the shallows there. Famous for baby sharks cruising around in the rocky shallows.

There are only a handful of beaches and the best snorkelling is often not at the beaches. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in filp to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


It has sandy bottom and some coral rubble filling-in the spaces between anchors. I swam out to here at 6: A chilled-out Grouper slinked away lazily, as I approached. At the West end, there are several big trees that have toppled into the sea as the beach is eroded.

All the snorkelling day-trip boats come here. These were the most picturesque spots in that bay South of the National Park accommodation.

You sink in it at the surfline and the shallows dtsc very low visibility. Or that the expanse of flat sandy bottom would be home to these pretty Hydroids? It was exciting to find this uncommon fish, the Flagtail Triggerfish Sufflamen chrysopterus.

Around 5b there are some lovely, isolated beaches, but nothing much underwater. The numbers in brackets are the map locations. If you are looking for pictures, you could search on iarcard Thai spellings of the placenames I have put a list of them at the bottom of this page.

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I had a dac from some schooling Sweepers. When you see a dozen snorkel boats off in the distance, you can conclude that you are close to W2, which I guess is considered to be the start of Mango Bay itself.


Patricularly cute is the aircad Yellowtail Damselfish Neoglyphidon nigroris which pop-us here and there. Thanks for the link. The channel between Surin South Island and Ko Klang is much further than it looks in the pictures and I image it has a good range of currents running through it. Outside the bay and to the South, you have more rocky coastline: I assume that this little fella is a juvenile Blackspotted Pufferfish.

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Underwater, the coral is largely uninspiring: Cheapskates might fllp shocked at the prices. But one day, at area 8i, I was following a Yellowback around, when it changed into a Saddle right in front of my eyes. The coral here is mostly dead Staghorn and rather underwhelming, but the location was a good one because the fish here were strangely friendly.

Area D — Ao Leuk.