The really clever thing about this camcorder is that it can shoot in the Pn format DVCPro HD, which means that you can shoot slow motion images without recording replicated frames like the varicam , so providing this format is compatible with your post-production suite the latest AVIDs and FCP 6 can do this , then you can shoot slow-motion images up to 60 frames per second 60Pn and edit them directly without the need for costly frame-rate conversion, necessary on Varicam. AVC Intra uses a different codec and using this different compression scheme, this also affects the recording durations. There is however a limit of only 15 drive partitions allowed per drive, as Windows assigns each drive an alphabetic letter to define it. With P2 Cards, you’re just working with computer data. Having the P2 in the lineup above the M7 Pro makes more sense to me.

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This approach eliminates the mechanical wear and environmental limitations of tape, hard disk, and optical disc based systems. Ddueladapter Cards are high-precision micro-computers with their own processors, firmware, a RAID controller, and gigabytes of the highest-quality zero-fault solid-state memory chips.

Yes, you can freely inter-mix any type of footage.

Frequently asked questions, P2 SYSTEM

Dkeladapter import speed is faster than previous version because transcoding is not necessary. This is a relatively new idea, which is interesting since the cost of hard drive storage has plummeted so that hard drive due,adapter is now cheaper than buying tapes!

It is small, lightweight and a perfect accompaniment to a single unit package using either the HDX, Varicam or now HPX units, as it uses the same compression scheme for easy post-production and the pictures closely match these camcorders too! The drive can quickly be uploaded via firewire to a laptop PC with a firewire port and the media immediately used for HD post production on Final Cut Pro. This driver for windows computer no need to install PC Suit if install this driver and this is most duelacapter and this is help to you for data transfer.


As our custom, we are closed from December 22, to January 1, Download the latest drivers for your HP Pil to keep your Computer up-to-date.

Dueladaptfr document contains the. All P2 cameras will dueladaptsr for incrementing the User Clip Name if you have the camera under the Metadata Type 2 operation. Looking for upgrade information? And it comes with included USB-C cable.

It also has analogue and digital outputs, so that you are able to play P2 material directly on larger monitors. Write-protect switchover can be performed while the card is being accessed during recording or playbackbut does not take effect until access to the card ceases.

In fact, in tests, we have achieved real-time playback of 3 x streams of P2 material directly off P2 cards using an AVID Media Composer on a laptop PC, though this was about the limit on this particular system. The Lenovo P2 works with a 24W rapid charger, giving you 10 hours of battery With dual nano SIM support and 4G LTE connectivity, you’ll stay connected at Its powerfull mm drivers deliver the feel-it-in-your-bones bass response and.

However, playback performance is dependent on the speed and power of your computer hardware, of course. We have experimented and found that the Lacie Ruggedised GB Drives have been very successful and only need one USB2 cable to transfer data and power down one cable.

The idea is that pictures can be recorded onto DVCPro HD for the main production and that the memory cards provide a temporary transient storage medium, prior to being transferred to the main storage medium where it can be used and then later archived. Apple Final Cut Pro X. This means that when you plug the drive into a PC or Mac, each partition appears as a separate hard drive letter. Remember, P2 Cards are treated by the system as removable storage devices — they don’t care what type of information gets stored on them.


These files are instantly editable and can be transferred to other computer storage media directly, without the restrictions of needing proprietary video decks or having to wait for real-time transfers. In addition, P2-compliant NLE systems also allow you to write back to the card. P2 Card Format Station. All of the above can shoot in 25p and 50i in mode.

This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s dieladapter wrong with your clip, but that your camcorder doesn’t understand that clip a more up-to-date camcorder probably would. All xueladapter and prices subject to change without notice.

Duel Adapter P2 driver

Put simply, you need to decide whether you are shooting for Europe in which case you shoot 25fps or The US 24p or 30 fps duelavapter then whether you shoot in either mode or mode — that’s pretty much it!

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Can I dueladaper the USB1. In order to answer the question of how much recording time a P2 Card is capable of, you have to determine two factors: When using a P2 card on Mac OS Before working with P2 footage, download and install the P2 drivers and P2 support.