Your email address will not be published. I tried version 1. Its time to do a Converter side loopback test. Find More Posts by mazdagtr. Essentially this involves using windows hyperterminal and jumping the correct pins, and making sure the data the computer sends out routes back to itself. Notify me of new posts by email.

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GReddy e-Manage Support Tool

Change that emanagd the emanage blue unit and then click to connect and voila! An easy way to supply voltage is to get two wires with stripped ends, rig three AA batteries together in series and use electrical tape to bllue a wire at each end on the contact. If so, where can we purchase that from? It keeps asking for a password, why? The program may ask for a main unit update, in which case allow it to do so.

CCmusic Power Performance and Accessories. How can I make it work?

When cable is complete and correct driver is installed, go to device manager to determine the COM port. Emanage blue harness shown in photo.

A Greddy boost control lets you make sure that boost functions on high-performance vehicles do not cause undue strain on other parts of the car’s system. If not, what kind of cable should we ask from our local computer shop? Once connected its all up to you.


To do all this it is likely easier to cut off the USB side and strip the ends of the wires to get easier contacts then reconnect everything once tested working. Originally Posted by mazdagtr.

Here is a picture of my end result:. Patrick, once you have completed the cable or just purchased one for that matter, you must ensure that you change the drivers over to the older version. Also shop in Also shop emanagge.

I believe the most common settings are bits per second, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and no flow control for best results.

wilbo / GReddy e-Manage Support Tool

Well the usb port on the emanage blue is not a true usb interface, the port on the EMB is a TTL module with a usb female plug. There are also opti Using your hands pull this back and unravel it to reveal the four wires on the inside.

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Plug the cable into your computer before loading the program. Find More Posts by nnttem. Here is where the USB connector wires should go to, use the chart and the image pinout of the usb to link it all together. One area was spliced to run it through fire wall. Second emanage blue connector will not be needed or included.


emabage Greddy e-Manage is a diagnostic tool and software suite that gives you a direct factory glimpse into the mechanics and performance of your car. Shop the extensive inventory of motors, parts, and accessories, including car and truck engine computers!

Greddy E-manage: Parts & Accessories | eBay

Haltech harness used in the image above we provide those as w Up for sale is a new Emanage blue. Move these files over top of where you installed the management tool 1.

Your email address will not be published. You can find Greddy e-Manage in the vast inventory of diagnostic software on eBay. What it really is, is described later.