The receiver can track up to 12 Satellites. Hi I have a similar problem. Have you tried installing the driver while running in compatibility mode for XP right click on the install. Submit A Support Request. There are three cable configurations you can select from:

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One thing to watch out for when you connect the GPS is that the computer may recognise it as a serial ballpoint mouse.

Fortuna GPS Receiver U2 pinout

In fact the closest to instructions are: Submit A Support Request. Have any comments about this review? THIS thread should probably be in the lounge The new lap top runs windows 7 and I cannot get a driver from Fortuna. Which was fortuja out by the timings we made.

Elton, thanks, I’ll give that a try tonight. You can always get a USB extension cable if it is too short, but be careful not to extend too far.

The sensitivity of the Fortuna U2 is disappointing it is generally lower than that of other GPS receivers Fortjna have tested. I would download and intall the Windows 7 drivers from Prolific http: The driver can be found on the Fortuna web site at http: All you have to do is to open up the control panel, select the system icon, click on the Device Manager button in the hardware tab, then find the Microsoft Serial Ballpoint entry under the Mice and pointing devices section and then disable it.


Has it ever worked on previous laptops?

The base of the receiver is magnetic, to stop the mouse escaping when taking sharp corners. Dave also has a Fortuna U2 and when out in open spaces away from any devices like buildings or foliage which can create multi path errors, the U2 seemed to perform much better, but still not quite as adequate as other GPS Receivers we have reviewed.

Fortuna U2 USB Mouse GPS Receiver Review

Have you tried the XP driver or any of the others come to that?? There are three cable configurations you can select from: In my case I had to juggle around a bit as I had a bluetooth adapter installed which gave me lots of serial ports. Installation of the GPS is not straight forward. GPS receiver Windows driver needed.

GPS receiver Windows driver needed [Archive] – Yachting and Boating World Forums

Some GPS applications will not work fortuns comm ports higher than 6. One other item of importance is that you will need to install what is known as the “Prolific USB-to-Serial Com port driver.

This was not too effective when placed on the marine ply of the boat’s deck. The cable is just over 6 feet in length, which was just about right for my requirements.


I did find that switching between USB GPS devices sometimes caused the Com port to disappear from the selection, this can also happen when you switch applications. Have you tried installing the driver while running in compatibility mode for XP right click on the install. Needless to say I didn’t test this out, but it was certainly splash proof.

What sort of fotruna do you have? In fact the closest to instructions are:. Hi I have a similar problem. In optimum conditions the receiver performed well, there are not too many obstructions in a boat on open water. The length of these fixes made me concerned about unfair timings due to atmospheric conditions or other factors affecting GPS signals as a whole.

I expect that for the USB version of the receiver there will be a lot of support calls to the retail outlets and suppliers for people trying to get this working initially. I suspect that the salt air would not be very healthy for the computer. The manual is not really a manual, but a specification sheet.