I know some may luagh at me, I didn’t just get a new vid card to play demos. Then click on the ‘Direct3D Settings’ tab and make sure that the ‘Enable fog table emulation’ box is ticked and the ‘Mipmap Detail Level’ is set on ‘Best image quality’. But you gotta start with posting your exact information. I know this post is really dying and that I’m starting to get annoying, but I watched a video about the Radeon series yesterday and saw its advantages over the GF4. Nice compatibility all around. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Holyho, i would be very much obliged. Again, I know its not the resolution I play the games on, nor the texture detail that creates the problem, since I’ve spent weeks trying different settings and options in a vain ettempt to solve this ‘ere crisis.

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Take NFS4 and 5 for example. I noticed the newer drivers turns on antiscopic to 2x by default and you can’t change it hence the slow fps. It can boost performance but the driver start to render a new frame in monitor even the previous frame is not finished. I solved my problem could not play Half life or any other modes of the game in another way than “Sofware-mod”!!


VOGONS • View topic – GeForce4 MX on Windows 98 SE?

I’ve checked PNY that’s who my card is made byand i’ve also checked Nvidia A window should then show up asking you where you would like geforcf4 save the file. Tonz on April 29, Is there some hidden voodoo that gets cleared out? I can’t play Tribes 2 Demo. I originaly had a voodoo3 16 mb pci installed. Once everythings finished, do the following: For those who have lost the installation CD.

I didn’t think I would wij98 able to find it. There already were some tools around that supported the older Detonator versions.

MS’s nVidia GeForce4 MX video driver in SP2 ?! – Ars Technica OpenForum

If not, which ATI drivers did you install? I have the same probleme Hi – bit off topic, but I’m going mad The graphics cards are nearly always fine when tried in a more sophisticated setup. My Leadtek Gforce4 MX doesn’t take at all opengl More to ask you about the log file in the future, work calls me now! A to play with greater then 1 FPS i average 60 fps because my monitor doesn’t want to go any higher.


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Many of your games will work better. GalawangJAgger on March 25, I know it exists in previous versions of the driver, but not sure how many previous.

So I went in and did the old nuking of prefs and worked my way back up. Okay i have the win. Damir on July 11, I’m just looking for a place to actually get it. Now i’m tring to reinstall all the computer. Ranuka Lasantha – Sri Lanka on September 29, What was the advice i was given, two things If you look about on the internet at various sites you should be able to find the latest one – or even one thats made for XP.

The refreshRate fix I’ll try tonight on w2k, thanks for the tip. I have the geforce on a dell mobile. KEN on August 21, Have xm and reinstalled the games numerous times, with you guessed it, no result.