As for the process running already, I had looked in the TaskManager’s Services tab but gemini was not listed. This driver has been supplied by the manufacturer and has passed all conformance tests report here. Please contact Explore Scientific for more information. While my laptop’s WiFi is enabled I can ping it. This version corrects the installer so it can be installed on Platform 5 and 6 and later.

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I tried using the GUI to do the same thing and got the same results. Provides position readout, slews, side of pier where appropriateand pulse guiding among its basic capabilities. Another wrinkle, when I installed the Gemini driver, I allowed the desktop icon to be installed too. Latest firmware is recommended but will run with old firmware backwards compatible with reduced features.

This driver does NOT support Synta mounts. I recall being able to log onto Gemini from my laptop. I welcome any further ideas. Also, I finally found the Gemini. Similarly, it can not reach http: Since then I have “upgraded” it to Win It should also work with TheSky6 and TheSky5 but not all functionality will be present.


When I disable the laptop’s WiFi then I can not. While my laptop’s WiFi is enabled I can ping it. ACP and Gemini 4. I turned the firewall off then tried the same three addresses but still could not see them in browser.

Using TSX to try to connect to a telescope gives the message: It looks like you have another error or typo for the default gateway, you’ll want to check that. Doc’s site indicates that 1. You might want to check to make sure you’re up to date on the Gemini firmware. What is the other program you are referring to Baron?

For more information see Working with TheSky section 1. NET Connects and works fine. As for the process running already, I had looked in the Services tab but gemini was not listed. I am not trying to connect with Gemini 2 wirelessly.

Connecting Laptop to Gemini 2

I noticed that the gateway address Before I upgraded my laptop from Win 7 to Win 10, I remember being able to connect to Software Bisque will be closed through January 2nd, I then did the above again with similar non-results. From the handpad on bootup of Gemini II, V1. The only way I knew how to kill it was to reboot the laptop. I went through the same procedure and got the same result.


Installing ASCOM

This driver works with either alt-az mounts like a dobsonian or equatorial mounts. Vixen SkySensor 6.

Contact us for a forum account if you wish to have pre-sales information. The author provides a self-contained installer.