I’m planning to buy the suction cup mount and use a tether of some sort. If you have a helmet for wakeboarding one of the curved adhesive mounts works well on the front of a helmet. This time I’ll tether. While the GoPro may not be the ideal camera for wakeboarding I’m still looking for tips from you all on the best places to mount the camera for both of these sports. Summer is finally here and while in the old days that meant getting outside as much as possible, these days it means getting outside some and then getting inside to edit the video of you being outside some in order to portray to the world how awesome that time was… some of the time. Your job is simple:

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Been there, done that. This weekend, I attached mounts to both the surfboard and wakeboard, using the surf accessories. I’m still waiting on my beta and probably won’t see it now this year though: It has floaties on the pole – so it won’t sink. Accounts with less than 10 karma require admin approval. Or could put a velcro loop on it too.

I did that and my gopro is at the bottom of a lake too.


Wakeboarding – I bought the roll bar mount and thought it would fit nicely on the tower. It’s probably our friendly moderator bot who rules with an iron fist. Check out some of these useful links! Access Token is not valid or has expired. My gopro was also 4 years old and worn down so that could have been the issue.


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wakesutf My gopro was also 4 years old and worn down so that could have been the issue http: How do you like loudon lake? I’m planning to buy the suction cup mount and use a tether of some sort. Try putting some Rain-X on the lens.

Run a tube behind your boat while wakeboarding either behind or in front of the rider and use a pole to extend the GoPro and get as close to the rider as ya can. The floaty back door is kind of pain because it limits the range of motion on the mount, due to it being so thick. So this time I decided i’m not doing anything without a tether. Here is one https: And yes, your voice does sound weird on video.

Best Mount Spots for a GoPro [Archive] – TeamTalk

Floating backpack worked just fine. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. GoPro’s website states that the goproo back door doesn’t float the suction cup mount.


Definitely a great way to film wakeboarding. I found that the FOV is wide enough that GoPro from the boat back to a rider is not satisfying video.

A replacement for the original which is now an anchor at the bottom. Wakeesurf a side note if this helmet mount happens to be pointed directly at your face at any given time, we strongly suggest you sell your GoPro ASAP and see a psychologist for further analysis.


I think there are lots of gopro videos on youtube showing different options. For us Loudoun is perfect due to the location.

He also has a youtube channel with updated videos. Wow, I’m surprised the surf mount could come off! You can film surfing from the boat and platform with it and wakeboarding from a tube.

Used the chest mount since my friend didn’t have the floaty backdoor. Careful with the floatie particularly for wakeboarding – don’t assume it is foolproof and go without secondary protection of a leash.