The A reading should be within the test limits listed in Table , verifying its volt tenth scale accuracy with High Resolution on. Auto-Cal Constant 8 10 K, K. If the shipping container is damaged, or the cushioning material shows signs of stress, notify the carrier as well as the Hewlett-Packard Office. Since this type of accuracy, over the range needed to completely test the accuracy of the 34SSA, is generally not available outside of a standards laboratory, some compromises may be required. Refer to Figure

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Since, at this printing, the manual does apply directly to instruments having serial numbers listed on the title page, no change information is given here. Inguard Logic Troubleshooting Schematic 7 8-E The resultant measurements arc stored mosfef the main controller to correct measurements made on he.

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Circuit Description Jumper Removal A13 board. Recommended Test Equipment Reconnect the clip lead across the 1 megohm resistor.


Ohm Troubleshooting Schematic 1, The following example illustrates how to read the numbers stored in the Y and Z register from the Bus: After calibra- tion, it should be left on and. Semiconix produces a series of semi-custom bipolar analog devices in arrays that are customized by designing a specific metal interconnection mask. The A will output an SRQ message if a program code other than those listed in Table is received.

Function Block Diagram Identify parts by their Hewlett-Packard part numbers. A list of the -hp- Sales and Service Offices is presented at the back of the manual. Enter and Store After this reading, the aborted cal constant measure- ment is then retaken.

Miscellaneous parts are listed at the end of Table Do not apply nagetrva voltagai greater than -SOOVdc. Adjust- ments should also be performed after the instrument has been repeaired. Backdating changes are denoted by a delta sign. The Integrated Passive Networks are a sum 22111 resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and schottky diodes and are available in through hole and surface mounted packages.


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Simplified Inguard Controller Flowchart Device Control Messages Repeat steps c through f to verify the 1 V and 10 V full-scale accuracy for negative readings. Messages are the means by which devices ex- change control and measurement information. A discussion of the potential uncertainties is given in following paragraphs.

Parts Changes During the integration period, the inte- grator is permitted to charge to a voltage equal to any off- set current present in the integrator circuit. Set the Transfer Standard for an output of 10 V. Clear Lockout and Local Message.

Turn-Over Errors Schematic 1, 5, and 6 8-G Refer to the Operating Manual of your controller for in- structions. Press the TEST button. The full- scale accuracy is therefore: