Your email address will not be published. I wanted to share some basic tips to help get started in One thing to realize is HFM is still only partially Java based. Click “Data source properties” to change the data source properties, normally it doesn’t need to change if the source is relational database. If your data source is Oracle, select DataDirect 7. Oracle port number SID: Oracle Database Listener Settings.

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Otherwise, when a job that uses the connector that requires the client libraries runs, an error is reported because the stage library is not able to load the database client libraries. Click “Data source properties” to change the data source properties, normally odbx doesn’t need to change if the source is relational database.

Select the Combinations to clear from the Dimension list and then continue. Here we get the error: Now, we need to copy the lines from the Oracle Wire Protocol section and paste it to the end of the file. As giving password in ODBC file is an confidential, can we have any workaround?

Oracle Hyperion: Creating ODBC DRIVER

For example, if you have no version field in the source data, but you have the “Version” dimension in the target Essbase cube. There are three data load options in “Data Load Values” tab, normally we use the setting of obc existing values”. You can use machine data sources only on the computer they are defined on.


A datasource is a separate process that handles all the processing for a particular application. Click “OK” to continue.

Looks like we have confirmation kdbc a fix is coming in the HFM Entering in the basic database connection details:. So good to see you after a long long time, man.

File data sources also called DSN files store connection information in a text file, not the Windows registry, and are generally more flexible to use than machine data sources. Save the script and then execute, you can find the data output to the relational database successfully. Mohamed Fayazdeen October 26, at 7: Notify me of new posts by email.

ODBC Setup Essbase Unix – The Unlocked Cube

Taking a step back, since all of this is actually wrapped into a Java Server container, one additional place osbc logs is the Windows service start log:. In most cases, we would use OCI, but as far as I know, OCI does not support write back, to tables; something you would need to do for relational data exports.

The Oracle documentation tells us we can find the file in the following location: Vijay Kurian November 30, at You can find the SQL data sources you created before.

Oracle doesn’t seem to be helpful. Configuring access to Oracle databases You can configure access to an Oracle database from the Oracle client system by setting environment variables and by updating Oracle configuration files such as tnsnames.

Configuring access to Greenplum databases You can configure access to a Greenplum database by configuring an ODBC data source definition DSN for Greenplum and by adding the directory location of the Greenplum parallel file distribution program gpfdist to the system path. Setting the library path environment variable To apply an environment variable to all jobs in a project, define the environment variable in the InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage Administrator.


Create your own Oracle Hyperion Virtual Environment: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A hyperiom data source is especially useful when you want to provide added security, because only users who are logged on can view a machine data source and it cannot be copied by a remote user to another computer.

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Thanks for the kind words. The one we care about, is the Oracle Wire Protocol data source. Vijay Kurian February 13, at 3: Then click “OK” to continue. This blog is dedicated to documenting error resolution and other tidbits that I discover while working as a Consultant in the Oracle EPM Hyperion field. A data source is data and the connection information needed to access that data.

We can use a trusty text editor like vi to open the file.