Mobile by Lynn La Aug 29, For other products manufactured by Cowon, see List of Cowon products. Cowon announced in May that the X5 series had been discontinued. It came with most of the features that users of the CW and CW had been missing. Its analog controls are on top of the trunk and include a four-way rocker with a joystick in the center.

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Battery iaudioo isn’t what’s claimed. When the M3 was released there was a lot of controversy about it, because the actual unit had no display. The T2 was a necklace type audio player. Overall, we’re pretty happy with this player’s flexibility and options, but the lack of compatibility with online subscription and download services hurts it iajdio. This issue was rectified by the rapid recall of all faulty remotes and free replacements.

The kicker comes when you turn the player on: The player was Cowon’s first DAP with an integrated 1.

It featured a color screen, though it did not support video or photo viewing. Bass is a bit weak. Most videos must therefore be converted to be played back on the U3 using the provided iudio from Cowon. Become a fan of PCMag.


Cowon iAudio F1

Digital audio players Portable media players South Korean brands Consumer electronics brands. The support iaudiio audio files was also enhanced from previous models: As with all iAUDIO devices, there was no need for the use of software, since the U3 was a UMS device though additional software was required to take advantage of some features, such as converting video to the right format to be played back on the player.

Microphone Microphone Form Factor. The world laudio on, but we still remember our first MP3 players From iPods to SanDisk Sansas, we reminisce about our first MP3 players — and all the music we packed in our pockets. Most reviewers also regarded it as having a higher build quality.

More digital music player reviews: System Requirements Additional Requirements. The “L” version of the player is a little thicker and heavier though and costs slightly more.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Flash Memory Installed Size.

And the subpar battery life is a bit disturbing. Also, there’s some harmonic distortion in the highs beginning at about 33 on the step iaudii scale, though nothing too distracting until you get past normal listening levels.


It was the first digital audio player to feature a 0. It included an updated reverb algorithm, allowing the user to choose between nine different types of reverb timbresincluding ChamberRoomClubHall iaydio, AuditoriumCathedralStadiumCanyon ff1 Long.

About the Author Mike Kobrin. There’s also an “L” version available, which features enhanced battery life. It came with most of the features that users of the CW and CW had been missing.

Cowon iAudio F1 – CNET

We didn’t like the MP Enhance feature and strongly preferred the more natural sound with the effect off. It could also record directly from sources or record using a built in microphone. The CW had audio playback capabilities, an FM radio and voice recording through a built-in microphone. Laptops by John Falcone May 21, F11 little gas pump indicates battery life.

Audio Output Product Type. The F1 has a manual bookmarking feature and supports multiple bookmarks, letting you switch away from a file a podcastfor example and then come back to it where you left off.