Official Site german review. It gets recognized in the other modes too, but didn’t work! You can have long journeys with it thanks to its panel and its good battery I was pretty annoyed today when I realized I wouldn’t be able to geocode my pictures due to this timing-out problem. If you want to share some pictures you can use this method. This is not a review, just a few impressions. The device can easily be used in Linux too; e.

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You can use it in a car or with your bike Log capacity just about. I think I’d like to see some improvments there before chosing that receiver.

Battery operating time actual measurement value. This limitation doesn’t make it very useful 4.


Pour vous guider sur la Route: Received a test unit on March 12th and I must say I like it quite a bit more than the thanks to its compact design, better casing big anti-ski pad and the PTL Push to Log button. It has to be stopped by the PC software. The device can be logge in Linux too; e. I’ve only seen it on Semson’s webbsite. In case you use gpsd use. The does have a button, as per the illustration, to manually record data points but I haven’t used it.


I wonder how the software handles manual points and if it singles them out properly. The DG just adds to the automatic points so they are hard to find.

The manual says something about that, but it’s not on the device.

GPS Receiver

This page was generated in 0,42 seconds. But I only remembered to turn it on after takeoff, so there was no fix prior to being onboard. Tosh, Loggrr much did you pay in total including delivery and customs for the receiver?

Has anyone tried to get the data-logging ability working with linux? The iBlue software is very very rudimentary. This page was last ilbue on 24 Novemberat I’m also looking forward to a review of the i-Blue On the in logging mode you can still use it as a Bluetooth receiver.

iblue A+ | GPS Data Logger Software – BT

Anyway, I haven’t been able to play much with it yet. The PC application lets you export logged data to. Log in every 5 seconds, and Bluetooth connection, stationary.

I assume it had a fix beforehand as signal levels inside a plane don’t normally allow for acquisition. Ended up costing me around NOK I’m a bit reluctant to buying from the US since I’m loggdr it’s going to end up pretty expensive with all additional costs.


Fortunately I haven’t seen the log data being erased by moving the switch as others have, but overall I’d say that both the and ‘s logging modules are going to need more work before they’re ready for prime time. Does anyone know if this unit is available to buy in Europe yet? Official Site german review. First you need to load two modules, usbserial and cp which are included in kernel 2. I’d be interested to hear others’ impressions.

Shouldn’t be much of a problem ordering from Sweden. If you think you might need a Bluetooth GPS then the or are interesting, but I tend to believe in single purpose devices that do their “main” job best.

The key there is the semi-standard CSV file that is created.