Exclusions Normal Wear and Tear. Charging Times Check your battery and charger type against the grid below to determine appropriate charging times. Page Index Contact information receiving 41, sending Contacts 48 accessing 49 addressing MMS messages capacity 54 creating entries 49 creating MMS messages 86 deleting 54 editing entries 51 icons 48 international numbers 55 pictures 48, 50, 53, ring tones 48, 50 searching 53 showing all entries 53 showing only Direct Connect Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. Things to Keep in Mind

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We had to wait over a week but the iphone 5s was unlocked as promised. Ornamental decorations such as emblems, graphics, rhinestones, jewels, gemstones and their settings, and other decorative elements, are excluded from coverage.

Page 7 Ending Applications Getting Started To connect your phone to your laptop or other device: These features must be turned off or disabled to use your TTY device with your phone.

Show Hide Further Detail. You can also go to nextel.

Phone Basics Display Any time your phone u760 powered on, the display For expired items that continue to display in their respective lists, you can either choose to renew the license for the item or else manually delete the Navigating A Message To repeat the part of the slide show you ideb just viewed, scroll left or scroll up. Best Android photo and video apps. Excellent and speedy Written on: Index Index Numerics 3-way calling 61 Accessories 17 safety Airplane mode 6, 12, power button 6 settings turning on and off Antenna 16 Attachments 93 see also MMS messages, attachments Audio recordings playing BacklightBattery care 5 charging Please correct there errors in form: Using A Headset Using a Headset If you use a headset or similar device with your phone, you can set your phone to send incoming sound to the headset only, or to the headset and the speaker at the same time: Embedded objects and attachments are included when you forward a message.


Unlock iDen i – Mobile Unlocked

This item shows the name assigned to the entry or No Name. From the recent calls list, select the item you want information on. Editing Entries Only pictures that can be assigned to Contacts entries are displayed. If you want to make the call active again, press A under Resume.

Set uden forwarding options.

Unfortunately we do not currently have a way to unlock your particular device at this time! These jden are given in terms of a unit referred to as the Specific Absorption Rate SARwhich is a measure of the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone. You can dial to reach a local Telecommunications Relay Center.

With the Flip Closed 1 Press 2 If i706 want to view the rest of the recent calls list, press the volume controls.

Nextel iDEN i760 User Manual

Status Icons Status Icons Status icons appear at the top of the display. If you want to use a SIM card other than the one that is in your dien, please contact Nextel Customer Care to verify that the SIM card you want to use is compatible with your phone.


Press the battery down to secure it. Contacts Contacts Contacts Contacts stores up to numbers or addresses. Recent Calls Recent Calls Recent Calls The recent calls list displays information associated with calls you have made and received and call alerts you have received.

A network lock, otherwise known as a SIM lock, is a control placed on the phone by the original network that sold it. The satellites used by the GPS feature of your phone are controlled by the U.

How to Unlock iDen i760

Terms and Conditions of Service may modify the terms of Service before reactivating Service to Customer and may require Customer to provide Nextel with an initial Deposit or an additional Deposit. Agreement between Customer and Nextel. Clean the external surfaces of the radio product with a damp cloth, using a mild solution of dishwashing detergent and water.

Drafts Multimedia Messages Tip: Temporary Profiles Profiles When you do this, your phone either: