AMD dual core , radeon x not working throwing me in the console!!! Some drives don’t like fixation in dummy mode. August 6th, It’s an old card so they just decided that they will stop support for my video card. Tried to run gparted.

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The live version of Ubuntu 8. Add to the ‘works only on VESA’ list: Bug reports have been submitted for both of the above issues.

Everyone is welcome to post here, as long as it is hardware related data. Borrowed a Billion modem, this worked, but still not impressed.


I believe it’s Realtek integrated, but I’m not sure. However, this piece of hardware is made for live sound perfomances, making Ubuntu Studio sln73vm a real-time kernel the preferred distro for lower latency. Ubuntu i doesn’t even install, x64 does BUT It works fine in 9.

I got it working in intrepid but very buggy when using docks and conky-esque software. July 4th, 4.

Desktop Hardware Incompatibility List. – Page 27

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. D except that no tv worked. I can see the computer going back to activity when it resumes, but the screen remain black I guess ino3d again a pb with the graphic card.


Does not recognise RAID stripe set. Via unicrome pro only works with opencrome, unless you download drivers and compile.

Device is recognized and the volume bar on sl7m73vm adjusts accordingly when you press the buttons, but it’s for the mic only also the volume controller defaults to adjusting the mic.

This was a question asked to me in one of my interviews, which i couldn’t answer n then the interviewer answered it for me, so I know it well. Some of them like knoppix and debian broke when try to install the dvd driver The same happens when I try to test the laptop with Hiren’s boot, I can’t do anything because none of the drivers included is able xl7n73vm manage the dvd device. Both video cards work fine in 2-d mode. Have you find the solution other than buy new camera?

However, I learned that it meant desktop as in not server. Linux has no “registry” that maintains a list of drivers and hardware information. You must be very lucky sln73vm install Ubuntu on it. Something about ubuntu I bought my laptop in lastweek and i hv never install any ubuntu version to my laptop.

Duo 2 Core pc not working optimal speeds? [Archive] – Overclockers Forums

Yet the printer does work when plugged into a parallel port in the computer. I guess the sound so7n73vm video’s drivers are in place. No Desktop effects can be enabled, etc. Card recognized and used, you can even install drivers, but it keeps booting into low graphics mode no matter what, and nvidea settings menu states that there is no driver in use.


Download them from http: How would I go about backing up and restoring my programs? There are no proprietary drivers available for Ubuntu 9. Either no audio at all comes out of earphones or stereo speakers, or sometimes you get the rear channels instead which usually has no dialog. The anonymity of ubuntu, the latest Karmic is hopeless, it is lost in space sl7n3vm answers on this one. However, the older 4, 8 GB Flash Voyager batch beginning with xxxxxx are compatible.

My PC is an old Pentium.