I guess it would be exposure and however that is viewed. This absolutely makes sense for all the reasons stated in the original article. I am curious how his short game does with the switch. He is not a PGA Tour staffer, but a brand ambassador, as outlined in the piece. One thing cannot be disputed though, when Jamie hits a golf ball, people pay attention, and in most cases stop whatever they are doing to see what is going on.

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I was on the fence here, but agree with the thought about how this is different than signing a few top guys.

The difference being that the marketing has to sadlowdki more creative, because at least right now, you are not going to see Jamie Sadlowski in the final pairing at Augusta National or most other places, because he is not there yet.

Sadlowski is naturally left-handed and is able to drive some yards using a left-handed club but is more able playing right-handed. Early on, he had moderate success making cuts on the Web. Sound off below in the comments section or on the THP Forum.

Holiday Cheer Contest Day 2: Dented January 3, – 7: This absolutely makes sense for all ajmie reasons stated in the original article. Cleveland certainly has some short game gurus on staff that could help.


Jamie Sadlowski Mackenzie Tour – PGA TOUR Canada Profile – News, Stats, and Videos

Golf 11hr ago My year in golf: A brand ambassador that knows how to use social media and that makes content that gets seen sadlowskki not internet golfers, or by not golfers seems like a better investment than a top 50 player that gets 20 minutes of tv time across 4 days of a tournament.

I think it makes complete sense. Those changes were made to encourage him to make a more-rounded swing that is not as distance-oriented.

Quick Shots 7hr ago How many miles do pro golfers travel each year? Daddio January 3, – PGA Tour 15hr ago Tiger sadlowskk Chris Nichols January 3, – 6: Will bring more of such ….

Cleveland signs Jamie Sadlowski: Does it Make Sense?

Very low risk for them. Does fill in the blank top tour player putting something in the bag make someone take notice, or is it more the special moments and the sum of the parts?

The question eventually becomes is are any of sadlowksi signings worth the dollars spent. In the Dean and Deluca, they spent as much time televising and talking about Jamie swinging a club as they did on the leaders of the tournament.

Jamie Sadlowski

The winning drive in came in at a whopping yards, which he topped with yards in an earlier round. I like the signing.


Brad Wells January 3, – 6: There are always a few other people inside the ropes with Tiger Woods during pro-ams. Playing partners, team members, important sponsors, …. I hope he can get where he wants to go.

Jamie Sadlowski | Professional Golfer & 2-Time World Long Drive Champion

Signing the likes of a Kevin Na, James Hahn, Martin Kaymer, etc to add to a tour staff filled with those athletes already, or signing a sadlowzki ambassador that might make people stop in their tracks once or twice?

If Jamie applies the same work ethic to other parts of the game, gets a break here and there, he could end up doing OK.

Curious to see how this plays out. ArmyGolf January 3, – 9: So the question then becomes, is it about the player or is it about the sadlowksi mixed with the quality?

So now Jamie has the grip size that allows him to soften up his grip pressure.

Nobody knows the answer to that, but the betting line would be rather short. Hopefully Jamie finds success on the tour, and Cleveland gains a lot of exposure from his using their gear.