Invalid byte 2 of 2-byte UTF-8 sequence”. Not in View files not shown in CPC. Does StarTeam support on-line backups? How to resolve “unknown” file status. How to upgrade from StarTeam 4. Disabling the automatic creation of process tasks during a VCM session.

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How do I increase the amount of available space for a server configuration? The Device is Not Ready. How to back up StarTeam 5. How to populate a configuration list upon upgrading to 5. Check the server log for details.

Message ‘Operation must use an updateable query.’ while using JDBC_ODBC

How can I use StarTeam with Sharepoint? Is there a means of generating an Audit file which will indicate all the user logins to StarTeam over a specific period of time?

Disabling the automatic creation of process tasks during a VCM session. CPC on Linux is not working, the tree structure is all messed up and cannot scorll.


Message ‘Operation must use an updateable query.’ while using JDBC_ODBC

I have views, stored procedures, tables, and functions that have red X”s on them after upgrading to StarTeam Exception in thread java.sql.slqexception java. Configuring the “from” email address for StarTeam notifications. Is there a “License Hold Period” for concurrent licenses?

How to set the StViewConfiguration object java.sql.sqlexcwption a View. Error “Failed to create data source. How to add a folder to StarTeam from the command line. How to improve CPC performance when switching between tabs.

Failed to run MSDE Non alphanumeric character in password? Is a StarTeam process written to take advantage of a multiple processor servers? Avoiding timeout errors when rebuilding a database. Please contact Borland technical support. After upgrading from Starteam R2 tothe following views are invalid due to missing tables.

Can I copy permissions from one project or view to another project or view? Microsofg during delta file checkout. How do I force a process item be required at check-in of a file?


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The puzzling thing is that the file referred to is different to the accfss I had set it to with the following: How do I attach an external file to an item? Can Borland recommend a third party tool that can be used as an alternate comparison tool with StarTeam? Purging the Audit table will take too long. How do I create a custom form with Layout Designer?