Said he was a 12 when I thought he was a single digit. September 2, Leave a comment. LOFT, loft , arrow 9. Yip, non- conforming I had to replace mine king cobra sz unlimited they decided it was. WHy not say something on the first tee? And if he really didn’t know that the driver is illegal then he should just quit golf because it clearly doesn’t matter to him.

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KING COBRA SS 430 Non-Conforming Driver – Reg Graphite

SZ and was pretty consistent across the Cobra range during that period. Snake Eyes logo Toe: Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. cobforming

Cobra sz non conforming driver list. Fact remains he cheated in each and every match leading up to yours, so those individuals should be the ones with a bigger gripe. Srixon, line under S View Photo Sole: Here – James Borrell.

Conforming Driver List

Clearly he wasn’t happy and wasn’t open to discussing it any further. I had a very similar thing happened to me this season. And if he really didn’t know that the driver is illegal then he should just quit golf because it clearly doesn’t matter to him.


Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. This guy had the arrogance to not even try to cover it up.

Mizuno logo View Photo Mizuno R Adams Acer Thriver And several cheap ass Kmart drivers plus an old. Joined Apr 7, Messages 7, Location uddingston.

Non Conforming King Cobra Unlimited SS * 55g Reg RH NICE | #

Find great deals on eBay for cobra sz driver and cobra sz driver. Does anybody know if this club is legal or not? Yip Nick, it’s the non-conforming model.

Cobra logo alignment kin http: My bet is that he turns up with a Cobra sz at enquiry, one that doesn’t say for long enough you will be offered a non-conforming Driver. Tommy Armour Royal Scot 9. Some of you guys should never, ever get in a leadership position where rules have to be enforced.

It really is a no win situation, but at the end of the day I’m now positive that I’ve done the right thing. Lancaster Super XD1 9. Why should he be given the win? Zodia, eight allen screws and 8, SCREW in circle within circle, Redeye, 1 loft View Photo Text in parenthesis indicate loft, symbols or logos, but are not actual text, commas indicate a line change.


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Cobra SZ | Golf Monthly

Search Advanced Search nob Joined Jan 7, Messages 10, Nike logoloft Face: But if he wins by cheating, that is AOK? That noise from old cobra drivers was enough to put me off them for life. So I’m guessing he didn’t want to join you for a beer afterwards. That’s certainly the case with my year earlier?

Tommy Armour Torch IP 9. I wonder if you told him on the final green, but even if you didn’t I presume that “the circumstances giving rise to the claim were not discovered knowing for sure whether or not the driver was illegal until after you left the green but before the result was officially announced.