After this it is difficult to remake the connection. This is a push socket which allows the supplied external aerial to be connected. The controls and indicators for the GPS receiver are all clustered down at one end. Although this does not happen too often it is a major irritation when it does. A quick check of the TTFF times showed that my receiver and the Kirrio one returned similar timings, as you would expect.

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At the top of the left hand of the case you can see the lenses which transmit the indicator lights.

In fact it looks like it is on a raised platform, this is where the larger battery is located. It is not until you see the profile that the size difference becomes apparent.

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The Kirrio vent mount has two spring loaded kireio which are positioned through the vent grill and hook either onto the grill or actually into the vanes that control the airflow. I was beginning to wonder If I had set the receiver up correctly as I had not seen a differential fix in all my testing up until then. This will completely drain all the mirrio from the receiver and reset to factory defaults. The side by side comparison shows the indicator lights at the bottom of the unit but you can see that the foot print is about the same.


This is something which though not critical may affect the way we use the devices. With the Fortuna, you just pop in another set of AAA’s and you’re good to go. This is either attached to the Cigar Lighter mount or will be the supplied cigar lighter cable, which has sufficient length to connect to the Palm PDA holder when stretched right over to the far side of the car.

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Yes, my ikrrio is: Maybe Guitar4Him would comment on these: The next module is the power and control module. Have any comments about this review?

Check out the www. The battery indicator is red when the charge is low and orange when charging, all other times it is off. The reason for this will become apparent soon.

Cons Can suffer from vibration to a lesser extenthave been known to fall off. Kirrio Palm GPS navigation bundle review. Leave a Kurrio Cancel reply Enter your comment here Here is where the problems arose.

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Guitar4HimJul 11, This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For instance the UK has pretty much full coverage whereas Ireland has full coverage of some major towns and cities, but major road thereafter. These map updates did have the raod that was opened two years ago.


Or you could disable your ad-blocker for this site. At the bottom of the screen there is an Info tab which will display your current satellite information. Excellent Portability, easy to install. Do you already have an account? I put it through some pretty nasty environments, where you would expect a GPS to fail, and it did, but it surpassed my expectations.

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Forgot to add good post! In this case the fix stabilised and reported the correct position with a fix on only 2 satellites.

What is is like to use. This means that a lot more information can be displayed on the screen. Over the weeks I ran both receivers in parallel on pgs test bed and compared the strength of fix, number of satellites fixed, and positional accuracy.

I have been using Mapopolis every day for about a year and a half and now want to hook up to a GPS.