Install extlinux in the directory you just made: You can install from the liveCD. No graphical mode yet, but coming soon i presume, though splash images http: All, I have been chasing this thing for a while, it appears there are a number of people trying to get Ubuntu on their SC3’s. I wanna try changing the kernel to see if it works or not. I am very close to getting mplayer-vaapi working but have some video corruption on playback.

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Apparently there is not a 3D driver in Jaunty yet You end up with a segmentation fault http: I get to the menu, select the kernel, then I get: I just recently purchased an SC3 for my mom. Thanks for posting that.

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I think this all is related to each other. The syslinux boot loader somehow fixes grub’s problem with loading the kernel and initrd image and so you can boot ubuntu from the grub boot menu when it pops up the second time.

Out of the box, Peppermint installed after I copied a working xorg. Use grub2 and instructions off of page 3 Wireless: These are obsolete in countless ways.


However, on reboot, the grub boot menu shows up, select any item in the menu, and it immediately goes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left had corner. The external monitor, projector in my case, Just Worked kohjlnsha. Since grub2 is not yet off the mint, information to fix problems with it can be hard to come by I will not be on support – too lazy and too ignorant you see. My dream is to have linux like main operating system and a virtual machine with an image with windows.

I wouldn’t spend too much time targeting a Geode system with an x screen though. Its many options however can confuse a lot many newbies. You can do this by making a bootable grub floppy http: On the ‘Configuring grub-pc’ screen ensure ‘Chainload from menu.

This is the down side. Ubuntu in x is really wonderful!!! Reposted ’cause I edited my previous post and y’all already replied to it: I kohjknsha I will try the grub2 one next because syslinux, requires you to sit there and wait for grub to come up while booting Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Version 1.


One can get wireless to kohjisha without flaw. That gets it moving but it hangs on detecting the hard drives. I’ve read that the dell mini uses similar screen drivers.


Install extlinux in the directory you just made: I was able to detect ethernet using the latest Ubuntu Netbook Remix build but since I need the wireless and I need a the native screen resolution I just can’t switch yet. IDE interface trouble might also be at the root koujinsha the failure of the grub setup command.

My progress bar: Wifi working in my Kohjinsha with Linux!

Basically, it is horrible The config files for grub 2 are quite different from grub legacy and are in different locations. I tried boot it with USB pen with Ubuntu 8. I know linuux can do this use dd over ethernet The obvious reason for this step is to backup you precious data. Then there are two problems: