Print one copy of the file Print jobs over 10, at a time. Close the finisher cover. There is not much toner left in the cartridge. No technical support is provided to recover from these problems. Load the paper face down in the tray.

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The printer driver is not set correctly. With N-up on Both the driver and multiple cop- the application have ies, the out- been set for collation.

Downloads – bizhub C35 – KONICA MINOLTA Europe

Child Drivers When the output device is chosen using the Device Selector, it can be connected to an individual printer driver made specifically for that particular device konia is referred to as a Child Driver. If one is damaged, replace it.

bizhib If destination profiles are downloaded with the Download Manager, they are available from the list of settings. Never attach the wrist strap to any piece of equipment with an electrical current present. The factory default setting is MB. Refer to page Check that the trays are loaded with media, in place, and secure.


The Cancel key was pressed.

Y 11 Pull the lever to the left to lock it in place. Upon any such termination, you must return to Adobe all full and partial copies of the Software in your possession or control. Before using stored media, do a trial print to check print quality.

For a list of approved media, refer to printer.

Return the guide to its original position, and then install the stapler. Fan the paper you removed and then align it well. Y Y 9 Make sure that the toner cartridge is securely installed, and then peel off the protective film. Go to main contents. Insert the mknolta waste toner bottle into the plastic bag included in cpl6 box, and then box it up.

Insert the laser lens cleaning tool into the laser lens cleaning opening, pull it out, and then repeat this back and forth movement 2 or 3 times. If ON is selected, the amount of toner used is reduced when printing. Allowing the output tray to fill with more than a few transparencies. Before performing this procedure, review the antistatic caution on page Colors are not registering properly; colors are mixed or have pageto-page variation.


Remove the inside cover three locations at the top of the machine. If OFF is selected, color separation is not performed.

Konica Minolta bizhub C31P User Guide Manual

Select the proper setting in the printer driver to switch from transparencies to plain paper. Replace it with a new print unit. Windows Server R2 Enterprise? Pc6l power switch is not correctly turned on I position. Secure the main output tray with the mounting clips.

The media transfer roller is dirty. The language selections appear in the message window in the corresponding language.

This process is provided to make reliable printer operation with optimum output quality possible. The media is moist Remove the moist media konlca replace it from humidity or hav- with new, dry media.