The memory benchmark is slightly above what Sandra expects for the chipset and is possibly due to timing improvements made by Abit before release. With DDR the processors now have the 2. This is becoming a problem as far as board sales go. In these past 12 months since the KT chipset, we’ve seen the emergence of some crucial new technologies to partner AMD’s Socket processors, mainly in the form of memory bandwidth enhancements. What was the best tech product of ?

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For the past couple of motherboard chipsets for the AMD processors a trend has begun that no one can quite explain. Depending on your priorities, though, this board could look pretty stacked.

Abit KR7A-RAID KTA Motherboard Review

First off, the Sandra memory bench. However, there are a couple of capacitors that might get in the way if you want to run a heatsink that’s really monstrous or has a poorly designed clip.

Anand takes a guess that the internal data buffers in the chipset have been deepened, allowing a more uninterrupted data flow between CPU and the memory controller and on to main system memory. An excellent board, highly recommended for the performance enthusiast. Additionally, the new crop of performance motherboards is coming equipped with all sorts of integrated peripherals.

Recently on my test system I’ve taken to just using a bootable CD that runs DOS and enough drivers and tools so that I can get any operating system started or partition and manipulate any of my disks. The memory benchmark is slightly above what Sandra expects for the chipset and is possibly due to timing improvements made by Abit before release. Read on to find out.


Quake 3 for our final game based benchmark. Apart from that awkward layout, everything else is standard.

Abit’s KR7A-RAID motherboard – The Tech Report – Page 1

The board itself isn’t totally bare, though. Overclocked performance at Mhz was impressive and the increase in memory bandwidth at the new speed was very welcome since the processor front side bus also increased and with it the amount of memory bandwidth it can access. For reference, running the P3 binary as we do here on a 2Ghz Pentium 4 20 x gives a render time of 55s for our test scene pawns.

Abit motherboards have a long history with the PC enthusiasts. No Interruptions Day Shortbread. The first to truly introduce the world to overclocking processors, Abit introduced many features that we see today as almost being standard.

I mentioned at the start of the performance section of this review that I had been reviewing a special AMD processor for Hexus using this motherboard, the fastest AMD board I had to hand. VIA have been extremely coy over the exact nature of the improvements but radi Anandtech article here hazards an educated guess at what VIA did to the Northbridge to create KTA Southbridge is unchanged.

This is becoming a problem as far as board sales go. Using cold air to chill the water passing through the mr7a I was able to drop raud temperature of the processor to around 20c load, regardless of CPU speed. These mobos include power and reset buttons right on the board, plus a two-digit diagnostic LED display.


Abit KR7A-RAID KT266A Motherboard Review

The board is very tweakable and like all Abit boards you have no jumper adjustment to worry about. Starting at the top left as usual we hit the CPU socket. Latest News Latest Videos. Remember, we turn on every single performance sapping feature while running our Quake3 lr7a.

This placement might be a problem if you’re running a bigger case, as standard ribbons might not reach the ports. This is because it touted lackluster performance and had serious USB issues. Granted testing time was short but nonetheless no problems were encountered. Click to find out more. Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. It used to be that Abit was one of only a few choices an enthusiast had when choosing a motherboard, but things have changed.

Constantly a leader in overclocking options, performance, and even features like on-board RAID, Abit has made quite a name for itself in the hardware community. When VIA first introduced the KT chipset, it was met with harsh criticism and negative media reviews. However during its stay in the test system with the XP the waterblock fitment didn’t seem to be perfect and temperatures were high.