Our unit had bit Windows 7 Professional. These left-hand ports are all rather squeezed together towards the front. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional. Cheers, George In daily use: Limited warranty – parts and labor – 3 years – on-site Limited warranty – battery – 1 year. When it’s in the OFF position its black in color, when you’ve switched it to it’s ON position it’s green and most importantly if there’s no other issues your WiFi should work.

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Inside, you’ll find the familiar black, blue and red livery of Lenovo’s ‘classic’ ThinkPad line — red for the TrackPoint and highlights on the two mouse buttons beneath the space bar.

See our Sustainability Report. The arrow keys double up as media playback controls with a Fn key combination, and the adjacent PgUp and PgDn keys have browser back and forward Fn functions. Lenovo’s ThinkPad L is the greenest notebook the company has ever produced, including up to 30 percent ‘post-consumer’ content.

Icons are etched into the chassis to help you locate the ports, but you still have to crane your neck and look in order to insert whatever connector you’re working with into its slot. A notch above expectation.

Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to etjernet design and recycling solutions. This is something we’ve seen before from Lenovo, and we like it.


Lenovo ThinkPad L Review | ZDNet

Viewing angles aren’t brilliant, but are perfectly adequate. Includes a pre-loaded image of select Microsoft Office suites.

ThinkVantage Active Protection System, administrator password, hard drive password, power-on password, security lock slot cable lock sold separately. The highest score, 6. Please do NOT send private messages since Ethernft won’t be able to read them. We chose the maximum lifespan power plan, which caused the notebook to automatically stop movie playback after 1 hour 45 minutes — although the notebook kept going for a further 1 hour 14 minutes, giving a total battery life of 2 hours 59 minutes.

With the lid closed, the chassis is brick-like, eschewing the tapered look that’s more common these days. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. A row full-size number keys is topped by a row of half-height Fn keys which ends, on the right, with a quartet comprising Insert, Delete, Home and End. Message 5 of 6. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme 8.

Design The ThinkPad L has a traditional look about it. Mobile Intel HM55 Express.

Lenovo ThinkPad L412

ThinkPad L has a ‘classic’ design with a traditional keyboard, and makes extensive use of recycled materials. The optical drive is an 8x dual-layer DVD writer that sits on the right edge of the chassis and is not removable.

Welcome to the forum! Microsoft Windows 7 Professional. When it’s in the OFF position its black in color, when you’ve switched it to it’s ON position it’s green and most importantly if there’s no other issues your WiFi should work. The mic sits above the screen next to the optional webcam. There’s room on each side of the keyboard for a vertical strip of buttons and indicators.


The touchpad has a textured finish that helps you find it easily — this is handy as it sits flush to the wrist rest. On the left edge there’s a combined USB 2.

Lenovo says materials like office water jugs and used IT equipment have been used to make parts like the LCD cover, wrist rest and top and bottom chassis. The ThinkPad L is also highly energy efficient and comes with management tools to help you monitor power consumption.

The “enabled” adapter that you’re seeing is your wired LAN, and not the wireless card. Keyboard clatter might be a problem if you work in a particularly quiet environment, and the lips on the chassis make it trick to access ports and connectors.

Like the right-hand ports, these sit under a lip on the chassis, which makes them rather tricky to access.