Onshape connects to local 3dconnexion server on https: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Run sudo spacenavd -v -d Run blender , the 3D mouse will be detected, and printed in the terminal. To connect certain command with a button, select button on the left side, and it’s command on the right side. How to configure with Blender? To be able to use spacenavd used in this article you need to compile your kernel with input evdev support as well as with support for Logitech HID devices and Physical Interface Device support.

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3DConnexion SpaceNavigator in Linux

Sign up using Email and Password. I am as of right now trying to see whether spacenavd could translate the space navigator input to keys and mouse, so that it could be output to Cura to achieve the same effect of the driver xml file in Windows. However, adding support is fairly simple.

Also see the 10 in the spacenavd FAQ:. Email Required, spacemoude never shown. Refer to my settings below. The library has no real Linux support yet, however I wrote a compatible drop-in replacement using the published API that allows Second Life viewers use both joysticks and SpaceNavigator on Linux see below.

Some informations about how I installed it from the given CD: Apart from using VRPNwhich is an overkill for simple projects, it is easy to use the device directly using the input framework as HID device.


After you do, list of buttons will appear on the left side, and list of commands will be available on the right side. Just unpack the archive and run make. Moreover, the daemon tries to open an X window with configuration and will not work right without it.

Note Those protocols aren’t exclusive, both protocols can be build together, programs that choose to use the X11 protocol, are automatically compatible with either the free spacenavd driver or the proprietary driver. If you still want to do this pointless hack no matter what, you can use the uinput not xinput driver to inject input device messages into the kernel. More information on What’s wrong with the proprietary driver?

In Linux there are several options how to get it to work: Then look for a lines similar to: A better approach is either using chmod need to be done after every reboot and every re-connection of the device or using udev rules.

No such file or directory and found an answer there: The use flag was only renamed after the version 2. Every help is welcome! SDL installed, including the development package headers. Post as a guest Name.

3DConnexion SpaceNavigator in Linux – Jan’s bits and bytes

The current version of the SecondLife viewer has the support for the SpaceNavigator and joysticks on Linux built-in. But how do I move the object?


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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. This is a project aiming to create an open-sourced driver which is compatible with the proprietary drivers from 3Dconnexion.

customization – SpaceNavigator in Linux: How to configure with Blender? – Blender Stack Exchange

If you want to use X events support, you must enable it with the X use flag on build time and the spacenavd daemon must be notified of this new protocol with. If you want to support SpaceNavigator in the Linux version of Cura or whatever it is actually very simple even without bothering with stuff like the various demons spacenavd or the official driver.

This section is obsolete. Respectively, if the device doesn’t work in Blender make sure the daemon is running and xinput is not listing the device. The place where the cable leaves the body marks the top orientation of the device as with a normal 2D mouse. To clear commands from button, press “Clear”. Most of the time, lunux should be enough to use the 3D mouse in supported applications but Xevents has one spacemoouse, it’s capable of handle proprietary driver protocol Magellan.

Note Before the version 2.