Start typing your model. No sorting, no listing Just thought it might help for a few of you having the same problem. If you go for the refund don’t forget there’s always eBay if you need to replace it with another low cost model ;-. Audio Cable – 3. Can someone help me before these players get thrown back to Curry’s!!!!! Mains Cable Genuine spare part.

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Posted on Friday, May 05, – Have been trying to get them working all day so far! Do you think it should be returned? Posted on Monday, January 09, – Posted on Sunday, January 15, – But is not as user friendly.

It’s also interesting to note that the Logik HDD33 has suspiciously disappeared from Curry’s website – perhaps they’re aware of serious problems with the players? Our site uses cookies. Now got 27 albums at k stored on it with around mb left.

I can only get Audiophile to work on my Administrator account on the PC, and not on my kids’ Limited accounts. To download songs onto the player from Windows Media, insert your CD and you need to Rip the songs onto your computers hard drive in Windows Media 10 there is a tab at the top for this. Well I was just thought it was very interesting to find out I’m not the only one hating my mp3-player.


Now when I turn on it’s says ‘access error’. On the top right you can then select “Jukebox”. Posted on Sunday, December 11, – Have never had anything like this before and I don’t mind admitting I know nothing about them. And they don’t really explain things very well like for example “scroll”.

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Can someone help me before these players get thrown back to Curry’s!!!!! Katrina R Unregistered guest. Victor V Unregistered guest. Three times I attempted and three times i ran out of time and sealed it all up again.

Sell Logik HDD33 MP3 Player – Recycle Your Sell Logik HDD33 MP3 Player Online for Cash

Posted on Wednesday, December 28, – Your brand Brand Logik. And after a while i noticed i had all my computers music in that damn mp3!

Posted on Wednesday, December 14, – Posted on Sunday, March 19, – Please help if you can, even if its a link to other advice. Also my blue backlight went out within 1 minute, the first time it was even turned on and wont work at all.


Logik HDD33 (3 GB) MP3 Player

But, It never started. Posted on Saturday, January 21, – Then it turns off. Tina Clarke Unregistered guest. I noticed the K on mine was drooping.

Normally just as an example: However, so far mine is still going strong but as Steve McQueen said I can only get them to work from Explorer. Here’s how I managed it Start typing your model.