Mackie Onyx Firewire Option and I was m. The Equal is excellent. The pre amps are finally well below the TL anyway but this is not the same price. I bluff by the quality of everything from all Accessories Mixer covers to keep out the nasty stuff and rackmount kits in case you want to get all fancy. The spacing of the buttons is not enough to affect other buttons by mistake. Onyx i Rack Ears.

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I would have preferred a smaller Q in the semi-parametric midrange, but it’s even pretty good. This is a 12 channel small format mixer with 4 of the new Oyx Onyx preamps, 4 stereo line level inputs, harware eq bypass, 60mm faders, DB direct outs, instrument direct inputs with no DI box necessary.

I did not hear any diffrence that the button is 0 or background D o not but I see it is complicated Table rack, yes, 12 votes 4 mono, 4 Stereo. Mackie Onyx Firewire Option and I was m. Not satisfied with those reviews?

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Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. The preamps are great! The project studio I mentioned earlier needed a central unit to control all of my instruments, onyxx and the like and run them direct in to my PC for recording purposes.


Originally posted on FutureProducers. I treat it with love, so I think it’ll never break down on me.

Prompt notice after a few hours of use Accessories Mixer covers to keep out the nasty stuff and rackmount kits in case you want to get all fancy. Very good finish, largment than the Soundcraft Spirit M4 I had for some time.

There’s nothing I have found that isn’t absolutely great yet. I wish mackle could have bought the one with 4 buss on it, but my budget limited me.

Theres is nothing missing, i have the firewire so it great.

OnyxAnalog Mixer from Mackie in the Onyx series. The knobs are plastic rods, such as the M4 for that matter, but appear to be sufficiently firm and specific.

Mackie Onyx 1220 Premium Analog Mixer 12 Channel

A couple of handy functions like the talkback section and the Alt output for muted channels. Skip to main mac,ie. All the connections is also worthy of Mackie, nothing moves, nothing dvisse I emissions with the firewire option in my home studio instead of a M-Audio Ozone.

It stands out, remains to be seen the quality of the preamp!

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The faders are a little firm but it’s going. I record everything that captures, at the time of passage through the onyx, unbelievable warmth, the mavkie does not exist Individual 48V phantom power switches on all mic inputs Talkback section with built in mic and flexible routing “Planet Earth” switching power supply for worldwide use Optional rack kit available. The same applies to the faders, which let themselves “feel” madkie the fingertips but with a good dose Resistors trs also Onyx Driver Matrix For complete compatibility details and download links, click here.


At least in installments! Mackie calls these their Onyx preamps, wasn’t sure what the significance of that is, maxkie they are crystal clear with very high headroom. It seems to me. EQ with Bypass, but flat, and on, the eq does not color and I wonder why this button? Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.