Thanks to its own approach, Cloud4Wi enhances the experience of end-users and provides effective tools to Wi-Fi hotspot services managers. MESH 2 is a sophisticated communications management platform hosted in the cloud for serviced office, multi-tenanted buildings and flexible workspace, providing business critical IT services to clients. Hi Steve, Fantastic post and a great help. It is written in multithreaded C language and can scale both vertically and horizontally. The SHLRouter10xx is 1U rack-mountable network appliance platform with wide-range processors and long life time support for small and medium business SMB markets.

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Fl0wer is an extremely powerful and flexible Network Intelligence software platform conceived to solve network visibility boster and network protection issues, to verify proper usage of company resources and to be used as a network blackbox to track all traffic metadata to solve otherwise unnoticed problems.

We also create a virtual advisement space, that can be sold, with or without the help of our network connections, making it possible for this service to pay for itself. JoinMyWifi uses captive portal technology to give internet access to Wi-Fi users. It used to be a ritual to find the best cafe that we could get a password from and go get a coffee.

Along with these standard kits, Altelix can provide custom solutions for wireless applications that require the integration of MikroTik products.

My question would be — do you use the same set up now or have you upgraded?


A window allows to inspect the control LEDs without opening the enclosure. MESH 2 MESH 2 is a sophisticated communications management platform hosted in the cloud for serviced office, multi-tenanted buildings and flexible workspace, providing business critical IT services to clients.

VoIP termination, satellite services, Crew Internet etc. Our goal is to establish long term relationships and provide rock solid customer service.

The company was founded in and sells its products in the global market. Control your entire hotspot network from one place and maximize its potentiality.

Nanjing MaxLink Wireless Co.,Ltd.

The system provides simple cloud managed access to your office wireless and wired network including WPA2-Enterprise security and isolated guest access. Features like invoicing, customer portal, hotspot, Radius and monitoring are core of the system. With this thermometer you can measure temperature from 2 points or monitor a status of switch. I will consider if do it in the same way as you or climb up to the mast… I will let you know when everything is installed.!

We can customize cases with your logo and also change the colors of enclosure. Notify me of new comments via email. Splynx is a software framework for central network management created for ISP. Our products are all manufactured in the U. Our deployment modes cover: Again, do this with the Bullet turned off so that you can focus on the WiFi router. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support.

So you can integrate your customers which are stored in database server or disk files. Thanks a lot for the write up on the wifi. Everything to match Your needs and strict requirements, we appreciate Your ideas.


$ Product Name Contest – PLC is a WiFi extender – Naming Force

The system supports captive and interactive Welcome Portal, a dynamic and customizable window to involve and engage users and Advertising Module, a single platform to create surveys, quizzes and test and to increase revenues thanks to Ad campaigns. Weekly payouts on revenue, tier 1 customer support for English and Spanish speaking users, around the clock network monitoring, and pro-active development to always keep you profitable and growing!

Hi Boodter, I was considering doing the same thing. JoinMyWifi marketing platform provides usage analytics, demographics and user information via a web dashboard. A list of we EasyZone Mikrotik Billing is a cloud billing service that allows the creation of next generation of managed Wi-Fi hotspot services in an easy, fast and customizable way thanks to an intuitive backend and Splash Maxlibk.

Acconet These enclosures available with integrated antennas are specifically designed for the outdoor boosterr of sensitive wireless communication equipment. No username and password is required. All operations will be done in just a web panel with many other features and no local software will be installed.