What is great is that whether you want to practice with a five iron or seven iron, this company has different designs for your specific style. Virtually brand new medicus training aid. Leave me a comment in the box below. Maybe you bought your alignment sticks and forgot them at home. Signs of normal use. You May Also Like.

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Review Of Medicus Golf Clubs

Got one to sell? This next item on our list is much like the last one we just shared, except it happens to be a seven iron. Suitable for golfers of all ages.

With that, the price is intended for amateurs or starter golfers that need to learn and practice their swing. Any defects or excessive we Also shop in Also shop in.

Best Medicus Golf Clubs Reviewed & Rated for Quality

One aspect that may deter people is price. Now, they have even been mentioned by world-renowned golfers for their quality and overall design benefits.

You also tried to learn from a trainer, but he ended up being really bad or really rude. Medicus has created quality clubs that serve as real life-like training aids for individuals alongside a unique hinge design that ensures you never have a wrong hit again.

Cost and Value To discuss the cost and the price, we want to share with our audience that his product is effective and high quality.


So, the brand has created different styles depending on whether you are a left-handed swinger, or you swing with your right. When considering the cost and the value, it is important to think about when you may be ready for an upgrade or if you need a training aid.

The design is intended to be easy to use and the face offers a very soft and firm feel for amazing accuracy.

Club head and shaft are in excellent shap This is the Power Maximus cc Driver and here are two benefits of the last product on our list.

But if you can swing the club without breaking it, you’ll know you’re swinging correctly. Medicus cc Driver Loft gllf With a life-like wedge design, here are two benefits of this amateur golfer training tool. Comes in quality packaging.

Medicus Golf Club for sale | eBay

Guaranteed by Sat, Jan 5. Any defects or excessive wear will be disclosed and photographed for your viewing. Virtually brand new medicus training nedicus. As the seventh product we are eager to discuss, this is the PowerMax Driver, a quality full-length training aid for individuals new to the sport. Even if you are new to the sport of golf you need to try this next product. Bonus Dual handle Putter Trainer.

For years, pros and amateurs alike have turned to Medicus golf swing trainers to identify their flaws and improve their scores. More so, it is important for an individual meicus identify which is glof best club for his or her needs so you can gain the most out of your experience.


This comes with the Allen wrench to adjust the hinges. Expand to see more Beveled Face Design Have you ever been using a putter and all of a sudden, the ball has a lift on impact? Plus, it improves all aspects of y Spend 20 minutes practice hitting balls and start hitting shorter clubs in on your approach shots.

My Review Of Medicus Golf Clubs And Training Aids

Medicus golf clubs come in 5 iron, 7 iron, and driver variations. A meddicus sweetspot, coupled with enhanced bounce, boosts forgiveness and promotes an easier strike off the face, sending the ball higher off the ground and closer to the pin.

This next element that we wanted to touch upon is the customer service. Expand to see more Create Muscle Memory This product is designed so an individual can create muscle memory.