Do you mean capacitors, and how do I check for that. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I am thinking I will have to replace it, but I just want to be sure I replace the correct piece. Usb headset worked the same day before i replaced my motherboard, cpu, and ram. Computer powers off in sleep mode

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Although does NOT work with ventrilo even with it setup for the usb headset.

Password Please enter a password for your user account. Do you mean capacitors, and how do I check for that.

New G45 – No Beeps

Asus makes some great stuff, though. Did you try to reset the bios?

It uses the Via HD audio deck software. Tablets Laptops and Netbooks Phones. The manufacture is telling me tough luck.

For the last few months I have been having trouble with my computer and I think my motherboard is the issue. AsRock has some good boards to. As far as the rear panel all the sound, inputs and outputs seem fine. Then more than likely it could be a corrupt bios chip. Sorry, Booboo, looks like your motherboard is fried: For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. I forgot, I already tried that a while ago.


I suppose those are for surround speakers. I am also wondering if I will need to reinstall windows if I get a different motherboard than the one I am currently using.

Now 870-b45 I need a new motherboard, do you have any recomendations. I have had my eye on a gigabyte fx ud3, but I don’t know if I will need to reinstall windows. I wouldn’t get an Asrock that’s below the Extreme6. Whats your budget for a new mobo? Distributed Computing – General. Other than that, it sounds like it might be some kind 870-4g5 driver issue The sound is on-board and is enabled in the BIOS, no issues are showing in the Device Manager, and when I click on the sound icon Windows 7, 64 bitI’m being shown that sound is being detected the little levels are going up and down when Eound play a video.

Msi 870-G45 audio help

Here is a screenshot of the audio info if that’s helpful at all. Usb headset worked the same day before i replaced my motherboard, cpu, and ram. Every time I boot again, it acts like the cmos battery is dead because all of my bios settings get restored to defult, and the clock in windows gets reset to march of ; I’m assuming that was the date the motheboard was manufactured. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.


No sound with MSI 870-G45

I sounnd hear nothing. I know it’s not the psu because I tried a different one. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. BB code is on. In the sound settings, there are two listings: Might also want to check your sound properties to be sure mic or line in is active and not muted as well.

BB code is On.